Danger in the Sky: Southwest Attendants Injured by ‘Exploding’ Coca-Cola Cans [Roundup]

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  1. Once a sergeant was somewhat disliked , and the guys shook up his beer vigorously . When the sergeant popped the can , a geyser of beer hit him in the nose .

  2. Gary – Amex does have reserved space in Centurion Lounges. If you see the “reserved” signs on tables or, in LV or Hong Kong, rooms reserved they are for Centurion Cards holders only. Sounds like a similar concept in PP lounges where tables or areas are reserved for Amex Platinum or Centurion (assuming they get PP) over the regular PP members

  3. I’ve had soft drink cans rupture automatically in a vehicle in the sun that had the windows closed during high midday temperatures. The cans are probably being handled incorrectly such as being left outside in the hot sun. Probably they are exceeding a maximum storage temperature.

  4. The exploding soda cans is purely a function of how Southwest does provisioning on its aircraft (don’t dare call it catering, it’s provisioning). They store sodas all day in the trucks sitting outside baking in the sun and even in many locations you can see cases of soda sitting right outside on top of the provisioning stairs in the direct sunlight. Most of their provisioning warehouses to store sodas and snacks and the like aren’t air conditioned either.

  5. Stop spreading LIES about the world’s #1 PREMIUM airline! Delta’s planes are so immaculate, you can eat off the lavatory floor.

  6. the pic of the SW FA in an overhead … Camille Keith, VP for Fun & Games at SW (also Corp Secretary) was a close friend, she called one afternoon, “You’re the only person who’d understand this, I have just signed a document for the FAA that SW will never encourage a FA to hide in an overhead compartment, jump out and holler BOOOO when a passenger opens it.”

  7. Flight attendants getting into the overhead bin likely violates the posted weight placard, which is a FAA no-no. And yes, from the proliferation of Southwest flight attendants doing such, they did get their wrists slapped.

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