Data Shows Fall Travel Is Flashing Red

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  1. Who packs an unsealed sandwich right next to a banana? The skin of the banana is dirty, freaks!

  2. Lofty wording on dining menus only lower my expectations. That picture was of a “House roasted prime new york strip loin, horseradish creme fraiche, brilliant-savarin cheese, black batard… red roasted potato salad, shaved sweet onion, dijon mustard, black pepper…. seasonal whole fresh fruit… and (supposedly) Miss Vickie’s potato chips”

    They tried so hard to sell this $65 sandwich that they invented a side character. Who’s Miss Vickie?!

  3. There should be noone flying for work, no sales meeting to meet a quarter target for your corporate overlord is essential. OPM stay home.

  4. Who knew that a hummingbird bird could do so much damage to an airplane.

    I sleep a little better on planes, knowing that Ostriches are a flightless bird.

  5. As the owner of a small corporate travel agency I can tell you there are almost no bookings at all. There will be no V shape recovery in travel until the virus is under control in the US or there is a vaccine.

  6. Why does the link “Bird strikes aren’t uncommon but this is a great shot” go to an article on airline PPP loans?

  7. @Pat, Miss Vickie isn’t a Disney invention. It’s a brand of potato chips that started as a local business in Canada and are now a brand of Frito-Lay. I’ve seen them all over the place here in Texas.

  8. No one wants to commit to fall travel now, but that could — and likely will — change in a heartbeat. The vast majority of people are ignorant about how COVID works (the media has no clue) but the COVID wave that’s rolling across the Sunbelt now should make for a safe fall. I’m astonished that nobody seems to notice what’s happened in Western Europe and the Northern USA. It’s obviously herd immunity (probably thanks to t-cells, which the media also doesn’t discuss) and the South will be joining the herd soon. The problem then becomes psychological. COVID is already WAY less dangerous than the flu for people under 70, but NO ONE appreciates this. Somehow, we have to move away from watching death-o-meters and go back to the real world. My guess is that folks will tire of being panicked, and that will happen when Southern hospitals start emptying. There’s data showing the Sunbelt has already reached peak, but given how slow the virus tends to move, we’ll have to wait for next week for confirmation.

  9. Chopsticks,
    So true! The media and certain gov’s tell the sheep that they are following the science, just not sure what science they are following. Look at the stats people and stop being lemmings.

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