DEAL: Unlimited Inflight Internet Only $6 For an Entire Month (Over 90% Off)

Yesterday I wrote about how to get unlimited inflight internet for $10 a month.

US Mobile offers unlimited inflight internet with service provided by iPass. iPass partners with both Gogo and Panasonic to provide inflight internet.

This doesn’t get you internet from other companies like ViaSat. As a result it doesn’t cover airlines not on the above list. And it’s for one device only. (Fine for me, I almost only ever log in with my laptop.)

But the deal is even better than I wrote yesterday. Ryan H. shares a discount code. Seriously, they’ll discount off the $10 with promo code RCUSMWIFI.

This code was shared on Reddit a couple of days ago “for 40% off our Unlimited Global WiFi Plans.” So $6. (The original ‘RPUSMWIFI’ code appears to be dead, so they’ve provided RCUSMWIFI instead.)

If you bought an unlimited Gogo plan for a single airline that would cost $50 a month. Add $10 for a legacy membership that worked across airlines outfitted with their service. $6 or $54 off is a 90% discount.

But it’s better than that because you can use this for Gogo-equipped planes and Panasonic-equipped planes. Yesterday one reader used this flying an American Airlines domestic flight (gogo) and connected to an American Airlines international flight (Panasonic). This is even better than 90% off.

I’ve been spending $50 a month for unlimited American Airlines internet from Gogo. I buy internet on other airlines when I fly them. This deal is amazing.

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  1. It seems that this deal also includes wifi hotspots on ground, e.g., hotels and coffee shops.

  2. Gary, thanks for the heads up. Good stuff.
    I imagine that this might dilute the AMEX Business Platinum benefit(10 passes) somewhat. Also, GOGO(etc..) seem to be cannibalizing their ala carte pricing as well.
    How long until wifi is simply “free”(or built in to the cost of a ticket)? I believe it might even be free somewhere out there currently.

  3. I signed up but don’t understand how this works. It talks about linking a device to the plan etc. What does that mean? Can I only link a single device to the plan? How do I log into an eligible wifi network?

  4. rate is good for how many month’s you sign up for and its good for only one device. Questions I have is can you switch devices in the middle of the plan and can you renew and be guaranteed the same rate?

  5. If you already have the gogo unlimited plan, do I cancel that and sign up for the new one?

  6. It is one device locked. If you have multiple devices just get a second account. $20 a month for 2 devices is still a steal.

    As soon as I got it working I cancelled my $60 a month GoGo multi-airline plan which didn’t work on panasonic planes anyway.

    There is a way to “renew” the plan to change devices. I assume you just have to call them if you get a new phone or computer.

  7. Also wondering if you can switch devices by logging in & out of you account? I prefer wifi on my iPad on planes & then my cell on the ground in wifi areas.

  8. “This promocode is not valid anymore” is the error message that I keep getting for the code “RCUSMWIFI”.

  9. UPDATE: promo code RCUSMWIFI is working; you just have to try again several times after being rejected initially

  10. Both codes are now getting error messages. It seems as if the codes have limited number of use each and US Mobile keeps resetting them, maybe?

    In any case, both codes are now dead.

  11. I signed up but am now on my second flight where I can’t get it to work. First was AIr Canada, now AA. When I log in it says “sorry, we are unable to activate your session at this time. This may be due to your Gogo account being signed in on another device. If this is not the case, try closing and restarting your browser or contact Gogo Customer Care for assistance.”

    Any ideas?

  12. This thing doesn’t work!!!

    ” Sorry we are unable to activate your session at this time……….
    Promo code didn’t work either, so I wasted $10

    Had trouble activating, their customer service (incompetent) charged me another $10 !

    Now I just paid $29 more for Gogo !!!

  13. @Gary, please let us know if you get this to work — i.e. connect to wifi once on the plane. Both I and my spouse signed up. We did not designate our device yet, but plan to do so just before our first flight on Aug. 13 — a Delta flight that has Gogo over the Pacific. So please let us, your readers know if you have successfully used this service on a flight yet. I think we have 60 days after buying to do a credit card charge back if it doesn’t work. Thanks!

  14. Can’t get activation file to download. that is needed for laptop. Have 2 plus hrs invested with support, US Mobile passes me off to iPass support, have reached 2nd tier level with both, still no results. they keep sending me a link to the activation page where I click the download button and nothing happens. I have not tried a mobile device, but major difficulty to get this running on my laptop. Their support ended up getting a 2nd wi fi plan charged to me and I had a hassle trying to get the credit for it. Certainly is not worth the time or effort to save a few bucks,

  15. Looks like it was a limited time scam to advertise. Let users buy service for a month and then cancel everyone with no Auto-renewal even though it was advertised as a Monthly Plan. Most users either didnt use it or used it once or twice a max. 10k users times $10 and 10% actual usage, you do the math.

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