Delta Admits: They Did Stick It To Ann Coulter, They Don’t Care

Ann Coulter went on a tweetstorm when Delta forced her to change seats on a flight from New York to Florida.

She implied that she had lost her extra legroom seat she had pre-assigned. That wasn’t true. It turns out that Delta forced her to move from an exit row aisle to an exit row window.

The airline said they would refund her $30 seat selection fee, and criticized her for the tweetstorm where she criticized Delta employees for moving her without explanation and she shared a photo of the passenger sitting in the seat she had reserved.

However it appears that Delta employees didn’t give her a clear explanation of what happened. And Delta did screw up. Refunding her $30 seat selection fee isn’t actually compensation for failing to deliver what was promised (that they claim never to promise anything — even what they take payment for — notwithstanding).

Here’s what Delta now says happened,

Coulter originally booked seat 15F, which is located by the window in an exit row, however; within 24 hours of the flight’s departure, the customer changed to seat 15D, which is by the aisle. At the time of boarding, Delta inadvertently moved Coulter to 15A, a window seat, when working to accommodate several passengers with seating requests.

Delta says they bumped Coulter when trying to accommodate another passenger. Whenever an agent has tried to keep passengers together when I’ve been flying, I’ve been asked whether I’m willing to move. Here the agent either simply made the move, privileging another passenger over Coulter, or literally did make the change ‘inadvertently’ which is also Delta screwing up.

It took days of tweetstorms to get Delta to admit they were at fault, the customer did take it on the chin, and they’ve issued a press release criticizing the customer and instead of offering compensation only offering to refund the cost of a seat selection they didn’t honor.

More importantly, we are disappointed that the customer has chosen to publicly attack our employees and other customers by posting derogatory and slanderous comments and photos in social media. Her actions are unnecessary and unacceptable.

Each of our employees is charged with treating each other as well as our customers with dignity and respect. And we hold each other accountable when that does not happen.

Except — having reviewed the tweets — Coulter may have been over the top but there’s nothing even close to ‘slanderous’. Delta’s actions were unnecessary and unacceptable, even if Coulter’s also were.

And contra Delta’s claim that employees are held accountable for treating customers with dignity and respect, they apparently failed to offer an explanation for bumping the passenger from her seat.

I am not a fan of Coulter. I think her tweetstorm was disproportionate to what happened on her flight. But Delta screwed up and fails to own that criticizing their customer instead.

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  1. It really doesn’t matter where you fall on the political spectrum to see that Delta should have given Coulter an explanation for having her move. That’s just common courtesy and good business practice.

  2. Stealing from long-time, loyal customers through massive serial devaluations shows respect?

  3. Coulter is somehow unaware of the new protocol for seating disputes. The passenger should refuse to move until dragged off the airplane by police. Then and only then the passenger should berate the airline in social media. This is a proven profitable strategy.

  4. Yup, I agree 100% with you on this. As I posted yesterday, when you screw up, you simply apologize. You don’t complain that the person you screwed is being too mean to you. And from a PR perspective, it’s best to let Coulter’s own unreasonable behavior speak for itself.

    From a frequent flyer’s perspective, I’m concerned that airlines will believe that it’s OK to move your seat if they “feel like it” or, if in their opinion, another passenger is more worthy of your “better” seat. That’s not been my previous experience. For instance, a couple months ago on UA, I had secured a domestic coach “C” bulkhead seat and a passenger who broke her right leg showed up and told the gate agent she wanted that seat. I was obviously sympathetic to her situation (she “needed” the aisle space to extend her leg), and when the gate agent approached me and ASKED if I could switch seats, I did — working out an arrangement where my new seat wasn’t much worse than my old one. I wasn’t TOLD I had to move, and I wasn’t assigned any old seat because that would have been the easiest solution for the airline.

    So there’s obviously a right way and a wrong way to do this type of thing. Delta did the wrong thing to Coulter.

  5. You’re right Gary.

    I don’t quite buy she got moved to 15A either – the photo of her in the window looks more like a regular, non exit row, but I could be wrong.

  6. Will also add – in this case, she could have easily pulled a Dao and refused to move and delayed the flight.

    Instead she complied.

  7. I have always felt that if you pay for something, and it is not delivered as advertised, you should be compensated for the inconvenience and opportunity cost, not just refunded. But that would pretty much destroy the airline industry, wouldn’t it? (Um, no – see Europe).

    This is the exasperating part – our representatives and libertarians (like Gary) don’t believe in regulating the passenger experience, but the airlines show time and time again that they are unable to do it themselves. Remember the hysteria on the tarmac delay rules? Or the refunding of the bag fee if a bag doesn’t arrive? How is it that these are considered onerous when they seem…well…just fair business practices? Given the profits that these airlines are reaping, what is their problem with just providing standard, acceptable business practices for their customers?

    Ann Coulter’s behavior is awful, however, and her childish reactions shows why we need those regulations. If for nothing else, it would prevent some of her bile.

  8. Is this one of the benefits of these “basic economy” fares? more families showing up with no assigned seats requesting to sit together? If that’s the case and people who paid for seat selections are forced to move seats surely they should be compensated at least a minimal amount ($100-$150) for their inconvenience, and refunded the seat selection fee? The airlines can’t have it both ways…

  9. Am I the only who thinks that this is crying over spilled milk? As long as she was in an exit row seat that wasn’t a middle, who cares? It’s a 2.5 hour flight…

    Any consistent business traveler would have asked the question, covered the bases, been compensated, and moved on.

  10. You elect business friendly congress. What did the bitch think that would mean?

    Can’t take it when she is getting shafted, some republicans.

  11. The most unfortunate thing about this whole mess is that I keep having to hear Ann Coulter’s name over and over again.

  12. Taking photos of innocent passengers and posting them online with personal attacks against the innocent passengers was way over the line. Delta was wrong but ann coulter deserved to be smacked down the way she attacked that innocent person. People were told to sit where their ticket said, not sure why coulter didn’t raise the issue of the seat number when she got her boarding pass.

  13. So taking Delta at its word… Her 15D is needed to accommodate a request for a party to sit together. So 15E is the other part of the party. And 15A is open. Why not swap 15E and 15B (middle for middle) , and then put the requesting pax into 15A?

  14. Delta’s corporate doublespeak is downright laughable. How does an airline “inadvertently” switch passengers’ seats when accommodating seating requests? Then I suppose I also “inadvertently” had my seat reassigned by AA, “inadvertently” had to fly at the back of the plane where the overhead bins were “inadvertently” stuffed to the gills with other passengers’ carry-ons. So much inadvertence all because someone wanted my originally reserved seat so he could sit next to his companion.

    BTW Gary, nobody asked if I was okay with the move. My boarding pass simply beeped as invalid when I was boarding and the gate agent thrust the new boarding pass into my hand.

  15. We’ve made this into a Coulter vs Delta debate, but I contend that the two adults that wanted to sit together may have been acting unreasonably as well. It appears that they made last minute reservations, when it was too late to get seats together, yet they asked the gate agent to sit them together, knowing that it would involve moving another passenger. They should have accepted that they would sit apart for the short 2.5 hour flight. I’ve done that many times, and sitting apart for a couple of hours didn’t ruin the relationship. I also wonder if there were vacant adjacent seats further back in coach, but they wanted the extra legroom of the exit row because the male appears to be tall. Lots of unanswered questions here. Lots of blame to go around.

  16. @ Bill – The fact that Coulter was already seated when forced to move is probably because Delta didn’t give her the new boarding pass when she boarded or reassigned the seat after she was on the plane.

    Sorry, but there is nothing innocent about asking a gate agent to switch seats for you, especially when a flight is anywhere near full. Most likely another passenger will be dispaced by the move, so you’re basically saying that your needs matter more. If you absolutely must sit with your party on a crowded flight, then have an FA help you find new seats by asking other passengers if they are willing to switch, rather than making the gate agent do all the (dirty) work for you.

  17. DL is playing an interesting game here.

    This is a prime case for airlines being able to conduct business in a way that no other company does: Customer pays for a seat on a flight. Customer pays extra for a certain type of seat on thta flight. Customer selects a specific seat in advance. In any other business, this would give the consumer who HAS ALREADY PAID UP FRONT for a service, a right to what they have selected. The contract is set. But nooooo, not airlines. They have the right to what THEY, EXCLUSIVELY deem “Reasonable” re-accomodation”. And then it goes downhill from there. Customer’s best recourse if she really wants to push it? Arbitration.

    Still, the odds of Coulter – a boorish, visible TV presence with a disconcertingly large Adam’s Apple that for some reason appeals to xenophobic Republicans – becoming a mouthpiece for regulating how the airline industry treats passengers is nearly nil.

    So, I applause DL for treating Coulter like the trash that she is.
    But really, I abhor the fact that Coulter is not special here. DL treats all of us like trash, and with the current political climate, they don’t even have the decency to try.

  18. Like many here, I’m no fan of Coulter by any means. Still, it seems she was in the right to protest the seat movement, which Delta undertook in a pretty arbitrary way without any good explanation. Personally, I much prefer a window to an aisle seat (the opposite to Coulter, but no difference in terms of the principle at play.) If I’d been shifted the way she was, I wouldn’t be happy either, though I wouldn’t have had that same over-the-top reaction.

    I won’t defend Coulter sending out a photo of her fellow passengers, but I even understand her reasoning in doing so. The airlines are often so full of BS in explaining their unjustified actions that I could see Delta claiming that there was some kind of a special needs passenger who needed Coulter’s seat. (If she were taking the photo at all, better to keep it in reserve in case Delta made such a claim.)

    Of course, an irony here is that a big reason Delta and the other big domestic airlines try and get away with this stuff is that they constitute an anti-competitive oligopoly that she helps sustain with her political stances.

  19. From what I am reading, Row 15 was exit row, so how did she lose her legroom moving from 15D to 15F? Plus, the contract of carriage is clear – when you buy a ticket on DL or any airline you agree to their contract of carriage, which means they can move you to accomodate other people who ask to sit together if the Gate Agent deems it necessary. Should the Gate agent have asked? Probably, but they didn’t, and Per Delta’s COC that is their right as the airline. To have Coulter post pictures of people without their permission is egregious and I hope they sue her for invading their privacy. Coulter is an offensive person on or off the airline, and rather than be a class act and deal with the situation privately she took to social media. I hope she learned people prefer to stick up for the airline and not her. Reap what you sow, baby.

  20. The worst mistake the US did was to bail out the legacy airlines after 9/11. They should have failed and should have opened ALL domestic routes to foreign airlines. The foreign carriers like Emirates and Lufthansa should have been allowed to set up US subsidiaries with foreign workers. Yes, thousands of Americans would have been laid off, but they could have found employment at a another airline or train for a new career. There clearly needs to be some form of government oversight in how airlines sell their seats. Both Ann and Delta are in the wrong. Hyperloop and automated cars are going to be a godsend for this country.

  21. OMG this is a mountain made out of a mole hill. It was a 2.5 hour flight and she was not bumped from it. She had no reason to publish the photos of the woman in her alleged seat. She probably would not understand one’s desire to sit next to a loved one, as she is a vile (anagram evil), nasty bitch and probably has never loved or been loved in return. How about some PERSPECTIVE here? There are people dying of starvation and disease every day all over the world; this is hardly worthy of all her ranting and raving. She acted like a spoiled two year old.

  22. The most unfortunate thing about this whole mess is that I keep having to hear Ann Coulter’s name over and over again.

    Agree , and I can’t get the image out of my head, of those long skinny bow legged
    Legs trying to fit in behind the seat.

  23. Oh, come on. Coulter’s tweet tantrum was not only out of proportion to the inconvenience, she had no right to take and publish the picture of the other passenger. Her comments were derogatory. While “slanderous” may be over the top, slander is stating an untruth that could hurt someone’s reputation. Coulter calling Delta the worst airline is not borne out by objective, statistically based evidence and so is untrue. Coulter’s raging against Delta as well as the other passenger, was over the top and unjustified.

    I’m Delta Platinum with close to 2,000,000 lifetime miles. This past weekend, I had a paid, first class reservation in seat 2C. When I checked in online, Delta had changed it to 4C. There was no explanation. I was annoyed but it’s a seat change within the same class, not a life changing event. I’ve had my aisle seat changed to window on previous occasions. The same as what Coulter experienced.

    Delta is an operationally solid airline with sometimes, perhaps too often, less than stellar customer service. Could they do better? Absolutely. However, this kind of brouhaha over what is essentially nothing, started by an entitled, out of control Coulter, is puzzling. It will do nothing to improve the customer flying experience. This type of energy should be directed towards issues important to customers. For example, kick up a fuss around the cramped, main cabin seating. Or the push, currently going on in Congress and lobbied for by the airlines, to advertise fares without taxes and fees, thus misleading potential buyers of those fares. Or the sometimes awful treatment of animals transported by the airlines. Even crummy food would be a more relevant topic to most people than this.

  24. I’m not a big fan of Ms. Coulter either but I thought she showed the picture of the passenger who was given her seat to show that that passenger wasn’t disabled and didn’t seem to have a legitimate reason to be given that seat over Ms. Coulter.

  25. It used to be, and I have been told several times, that the airlines reserve the right to designate the seat of a passenger, and that the passenger has no right to insist on a particular seat. If a passenger was moved from a seat for which he/she paid, he/she was entitled only to a refund of the seat payment.

    However, when I looked today at Delta’s Contract of Carriage (now called its Domestic General Rules Tariff), that rule on seating is no longer there. Hmmm….

    I’m no fan of Ann Coulter (or any other entitled celebrity prince/princess), but Delta was wrong on how they handled the matter. And, I’m sure this happens multiple times in a week, and we (the public) only hear about it and take notice when it happens to an entitled celebrity prince/princess, or when the police get involved.

  26. Skypesos and self righteous entitlement to do whatever you want without fearing consequences. Perfect setup for an abusive relationship towards the customer…

  27. Unless Coulter’s flight was a short hop, I’m curious as to why someone of her financial status isn’t in First anyway.

    According to her booking agency, flying First is part of the speaker fees/requirements.

    That said, something tells me even if she did get an explanation at the time, she wouldn’t have been happy with it.

  28. So many liberals preach the virtue of tolerance … and are so intolerant of opposing viewpoints.

    Whether it was Ann Coulter or Rachel Maddow is immaterial. Ms. Coulter paid extra for her seat and should have, at least, been given a pro-active explanation for her forced move by the FA.

  29. Wow, a whole storm over inappropriate action on the part of Delta, with one attaboy comment thrown in for UA. Guess it is a good day in Chicago.

  30. Gary,

    I’ve noticed lately whenever you post about you United you start with links to stories about their various customer service failures overnight the last several years. Delta has had its share too so why aren’t you giving them the same treatment?

  31. Love the “why isn’t she flying F” comments. Because the libs here are in a better position to tell Coulter how to spend her money than she is.
    And the “derogatory” remarks/photo are a red herring – – happened after the fact and are absolutely irrelevant to DL forcing her out of her seat.

  32. I don’t care at all for Coulter’s politics but I do view favorably her use of her platform to call attention to the arrogance of the airlines who insist they can do exactly as they please and we can get off the plane if we don’t like it. If we are in the correct seat we paid for, and have the boarding pass to prove it, there needs to be a much higher standard (and worthwhile compensation) for moving us against our will.

  33. @ Pete

    Posting vile tweets about another passenger who is a totally innocent party and seeking to publicly shame the other passenger by publishing their photo should be enough to get you banned from the airline.

    You have may missed the point that the idiot was posting a stupid rant about unions when the staff are not unionised on Delta. How ironic that she stupidly invokes her right wing prejudices only to reveal her ignorance.

    That woman is badly behaved scum.

    Delta is entirely correct to call her out for such bad behaviour and should go the next step and ban her for good.

  34. Why not First Class? Maybe it was sold out.
    Delta needs to explain that they did not discriminate based on sex, age, race, Political Persuasion, etc. If they did, despite the “illegal” photograph by AC, they could be liable for monetary damages, much more than the $30 upgrade fee.
    Instead, they did a pretty good job of diffusing the subject back to placing blame on AC for a late seat change and accusing her of overreacting. Both true, but neither of which should have been disclosed even though AC started this tweet war.
    Also, I don’t know that it is legal for Delta to disclose how much passengers pay, when they paid, etc, and if confidentiality is asserted by prohibiting photography on the plane, I don’t even know that they can confirm to the public that she was on the flight.
    How could Delta have defended itself? Simple, just announce that customers can file complaints with Delta, FAA, BBB, etc, and such complaints will be handled appropriately. If Delta did something wrong, it would be up to AC to challenge it in a forum other than Twitter. Why would Delta risk losing a fight on Twitter by responding on Twitter or via Press Release?
    I mean, what if Delta finds out they did do something wrong? Do they have to take back 10 tweets and apologize to 100,000 people? What are they thinking?

  35. …to those who called her out for using social media (and how dare her) to go on her twitter tirade, what do you think the majority of the travel blogosphere does? They do the same thing – they either complain loudly to their thousands of followers or start kissing ass to the corporate social media punks for perks.

    How about that retired teacher from South Carolina? She’s a hoot to follow on twitter – A commie loving socialist travel blogger who kisses azz over twitter as she travels the world in first class – let the rest of us eat cake!

  36. @leef33

    Perhaps some common sense…

    – There does not appear to be any evidence that Delta exercised discrimination – on the other hand AC made discriminatory remarks publicly

    – Surely there is no secret about the cost of a preferred seat – that information is in the public domain (customers book these off the website all the time)

    – How could Delta possibly provide a public response without confirming AC was on the flight? In any case, given that AC herself had made public the fact she was on the flight, Delta weren’t revealing anything not already in the pubic domain.

    – Why should Delta ignore AC’s bad behaviour in their defence of the situation? The evidence that AC behaved like a spoilt brat was already made public by AC herself (her tweets and photos of other passengers) and done so in favour of following up established channels for customer complaints

    – Why should Delta stand back and let itself be the subject of an attack of confected outrage, misinformation, and anger incitement on which AC feeds?

    – Surely Delta also has a responsibility to its other passengers and cannot ignore that AC posted pictures of other passengers and abused them publicly?

    _ Why would Delta want to encourage AC or other publicity seeking idiots to behave similarly badly by ignoring her bad behaviour?

    – Just remember, AC got what she paid for (according to Delta), a preferred seat in the exit row valued at $30

    Consider if you had been the other passenger being publicly abused by AC and had your photo posted publicly along with abusive comments – wouldn’t you be screaming at the airline for support / compensation and suing the backside of the self entitled brat that is AC?

    AC apparently originally booked a window seat for her $30 !!!

    Ban the bitch from flying.

  37. Big-up to AC for being the better person and rising above, causing a fuss does not solve anything, instead would have just made the other passengers angrier for delaying their travel.. All in all she arrived safely, the rest comes later!

  38. How like the Left to make everything political. Many comments called the victim profane (Is that word even meaningful anymore?) names and obviously didn’t agree with her sheerly because of politics. Others accused her party of being pro-corporate. Now, now,children, if you’re going to debate based on politics, know your subject. The Dems are as much wall-street crony capitalists as the Repubs, if not more so. If you don’t believe it, check out BHO’s bailing out Wall St. or HRC and husband giving quarter-million dollar speeches there.

    Rather than comment based on emotion or false political stereotypes, it may be more mature to argue on the basis of facts, not for the way Coulter (obviously) successfully gets under some people’s skin. Since “it was only a 2.5 hr flight,” as they say, perhaps the family coud have put up with sitting by strangers; or as everybody else does, asked the person, not the flight attendent, if they mind moving. Or pay the $30 and book ahead to sit together. Or say, “Darn. Well, next time, I’ll pay the extra and get the seat I want.” There. Without bringing dislike of a political commentaor into it ), as many commenters could not resist, use your head. Problem solved.

  39. @ Polly Parsons

    You want a discussion based upon facts and then immediately lapse into hypothetical conjecture in an attempt to make the family in the wrong.

    So much for facts in your own analysis….(also an abject lack of common sense…but then…you don’t seek to be able to recognise that is AC herself making this trivial event political (ignorant rant about unions that don’t apply at Delta, accusing immigrants of taking her seats, etc) and shamefully self promoting)…

    AC bought a window aisle seat and was happy to pay USD30 for that – and that’s what she ended up with.

    You appear to be suggesting that people should never seek to be reseated and therefore the family in question was instantly in the wrong – what utter tosh. People can and do request reseating – such may or may not be ranted at the discretion of the airline. In such cases others are not necessarily inconvenienced. I was reseated proactively at check in on a LNY-HNL the other day to be next to my partner – nobody was apparently disadvantaged.

    In any case, you have no idea why the family in question wanted to be seated thus – there may be reason(s) other than just being seated together.

    Have you established that the reseating was done after boarding – I thought boarding passes had been re-issued at the gate, not a case of musical chairs once on board the aircraft, in which case why was it up to the family to ask another passenger to move rather than let the airline handle the situation.

    Have you established that the family did not pay the USD30 each for preferred seating? I assume you have not. In which case they may be just as more or less entitled as AC having paid the fee and just as subject to the limitations of guarantee for such and any stuff ups by the airline.

    Now on most aircraft I’ve been on you are specifically instructed to sit in the seat issued – if the family elected to move to satisfy the cry baby antics of AC they would have been potentially in breach of cabin crew instruction and usual operational process (plane has an incident the airline wants to know who is sitting where – or in some cases seating is crucial to aircraft balance / loading).

    Also consider that in the current (over reactive) climate of air travel in the USA passengers may be well advised to let airline staff deal with matters relating to other passengers, particularly if one is causing a fuss – too many examples on US planes these days of matters spiralling out of control, so best to butt out.

    Then the small matter of AC’s bad behaviour onboard – if another passenger was taking photos directly of me in such a situation I would immediately complain to cabin crew because that person is clearly engaging in invasive behaviours.

    And on the latter point, I’d be right when it came to AC! Bingo your photo splashed up on a twitter feed to one million ring wing idiots accusing you of being an immigrant and by inference unworthy and being called derogatory names.

    So unfortunately trying to pin this on the other family doesn’t wash based on the facts in the public domain a little common sense.

    I don’t think you have solved the problem at all.

    In terms of this incident becoming political, that was inevitable when AC took to Twitter rather than the established lines of complaint and made certain assertions which are in line with the current batch of right wing obsessions. Her behaviours also typify the bullying and abuse of power by certain current political elements. Ac has not apparently tried to work with the airline at all rather kick up a storm.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to sit next to such an evidently odious human being, nor expect to feel at risk of her bullying y as a fellow passenger by taking photos and posting them publicly.

    Nasty woman. Not fit for travel.


  41. She admitted she was placed at a window seat, but also in the exit row … so still more room. So yes, you can “buy” that.

    As for disproportionate comments, she called the other passenger a “dachshund-legged woman” and based on her appearance implied she was an “immigrant.” Furthermore, she posted publicly to millions of people pictures of these people, faces fully visible, with whatever humiliation that might entail for them in their personal lives. And you really don’t think all of that is just too far … I daresay, “unacceptable”? No, not from a point of view of them dictating, but just a commentary. I do agree, that was not their place to point that out though. Nor was it her place to call them “fascist” for doing so … taking their comments out of context and throwing in these trigger words.

    These are her words. Yes, in the land of free-speech, it’s permissible, acceptable, allowed, but she was overly rude and critical. What’s more, she’s highly critical and condemning, and yet not once did she publicly admit that she was overly critical and mocking of the other passengers. Not once did she apologize to them — the real victims in all of this. Coulter is no longer the victim, she’s now the critical attacker, the mocker, the one throwing out condemnation. The hypocrisy of her actions is quite astounding.

    As for it not being enough for Delta to simply apologize and offer a refund, when is more ever required in business transactions with products or services? She wasn’t really mistreated in some terrible way. She was moved to a different seat in the exit row. If I order food and it comes back wrong, they either give me what I wanted or give me a refund — I don’t try to destroy their business. If my new computer is defective, I get a replacement or refund — I don’t try to sink their stocks. There’s no indication that they were rude to her. There’s no indication of harrassment. Even based on her own words, they simply told her that her seat was reassigned, and probably the one telling her didn’t know the reason because it appeared that way in their system by whoever had made the seat adjustments. An obvious reason why she would respond with, “I don’t know,” which is a reasonable answer … though Coulter mocked her for that as well … and didn’t apologize.

    Will Ann Coulter ever realize that she has mocked and ridiculed passengers and flight attendants who were actually innocent in this matter? Will she recognize her own hypocrisy and apologize? We’ll see, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

  42. AC was absolutely in the right to use twitter in response to the outrageous treatment from Delta. Moving a customer without explanation is unforgivable and is deserving of the publicity. If it is true the passenger wanted to sit with her husband at the expense of another….I can offer no pity at all. Why did she think she deserved special treatment? AC provided a visual diary of what happened and the passenger who forced her out of her seat was most certainly not a victim. She was a coward and used the flight attendant to force a customer out of her seat. Clearly, Delta and the passenger bullied AC by kicking her out…..most likely a political statement. They deserved every bit of the attention they received. Delta’s snarky comments are shocking and suggest this company is even more unprofessional than United. At least United apologized. It must be more politically correct to harass a conservative loud mouth than consider the importance of customer relations. I contacted Delta about this because I was appalled at their initial response. I received the same rude comments about AC. Nothing was said about how this happened and why. I had hoped Delta fired the immature employee involved in dissing their customers in a public forum but apparently this is Delta’s way of dealing with their mistakes. What’s even more shocking is the response among those who only see the politics. Shame on those who revel in the mistreatment of those who don’t share their political views.

  43. “Stealing”? What was “Stolen” from Coulter?

    She was involuntarily moved from the aisle to to window innthe same row, from one $30
    Premium seat to another. The snowflake could have sucked it up, but rather turned into it into a S**tstorm.

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