Delta Air Lines Is Offering Diversity Training To Elite Frequent Flyers

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker wears a Black Lives Matter wristband and his carrier lobby for hate crimes legislation. United Airlines, on the other hand, pushes affirmative action and speech codes.

Big business used to be viewed as the enemy of the left, but now aren’t they its vanguard? Or does that just mean the ideas have been co-opted and are no longer cool? And now that Delta Air Lines offers diversity training as a benefit to elite frequent flyers, doesn’t that mean by definition that it’s all become passé?

A Delta Diamond Medallion shares event Delta is holding for elite frequent flyers next week where airline CEO Ed Bastian will host a discussion on the importance of and advancing diversity, equity and inclusion:

It’s unclear whether members should consider this a new elite benefit, or the airline doing penance after being for Georgia’s voting reform laws before they were against it.

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  1. Meanwhile, Delta continues with tax breaks that crony capitalist, pre-Trump Republicans in Georgia and Michigan gave the airline before it became woke.

  2. What a ridiculous waste of time and shareholder money as I am sure the “guest speaker” is being paid. Who came up with this dumb idea? And just what is “servant leadership”?

  3. I received this too as a lowly Platinum. I originally thought it was spam and didn’t really read thru it. Turns out I was right. Guessing this was actually indirectly targeting caucasian flyers(their predominant customer). Good of them to instruct us on how not be racist. Thx Ed.

  4. I think they should institute diversity in the way they hand out upgrades. Way to many white old men in the front cabin.

  5. I’m a lifelong elite Delta member. I originally earned it as a result of needing to fly for work. And decided to keep it after retirement.

    I got this ridiculous offer. I’ll inconvenience myself, and won’t fly direct to my destinations, I will fly all other carriers to avoid Delta.

    Of course my decision isn’t much to impact on this stupidity. But I’ll be damned if I contribute to this idiotic “woke” movement.

  6. Even in the rarified, odd world of airline management, this one stands out as the strangest idea ever. I will be very interested in the report of exactly what it was.

  7. The race to be the most “woke” company and all the virtue signaling is ridiculous. Quit trying to cater to all the activists. Just deliver quality products, have a fair hiring/advancement policy and don’t discriminate against your customers- you will be fine!

  8. @CJ servant leadership is a real thing and in my experiences is a great differentiator in separating leaders from managers. In its most basic sense, it means that as a leader, you support the folks on your team and do everything you can to ensure they are successful.

    That being said, this delta ploy is a joke and I’m certainly not joining it.

  9. Another stupid clickbait headline from Gary.

    A optional discussion event with C-level management on a currently topical and important subject, is not “training”.

    You used to be better than this Gary.

  10. Kudos to Delta for this. The comments posted so far prove why events such as these are necessary. I just wish Gary also highlighted the mental health component of the seminar in his title/write-up. Maybe this will assist Norma in figuring out why she’s so mad. Norma, why are you so mad?

  11. Came here just to read the triggered comments, wasn’t disappointed. I’m especially amused at the complaints about virtue signaling, in the travel blogspace of all places. “We proudly support our troops” is the O.G. virtue signal, and preferred boarding for active duty military is as old as frequent flyer programs.

  12. 2 comments up….not true. Priority boarding for the military is about 20 years old. FF programs are 40.

  13. Given that nearly all of the companies that think they need to re-educate anyone also support in the LGBTQ movement, I’m waiting for someone to stand up in one of these sessions and say they identify as a Kenyan-Thai or a Brazilian-American or whatever. It is hard to think that a global airline or any multi-national company would think that their clientele is defined by skin color rather than life experiences and chosen beliefs. It is as biologically easy to scientifically identify your race as it is your gender. You either believe in a world where you are defined by what you believe and how you have acculturated yourself as an individual or you are solely defined by biology. It is illogical to pick and choose one set of identities and reject another.

  14. Delta can suck it. I will avoid them at all costs until they call out the BLM queens for spending money on lavish real estate for themselves.
    Don’t lecture to me Delta cause you’re in the thick of it!

  15. LMAO at DL once again

    What a bunch of Fruitcakes in the front office of DL.

    Good Gawd, I’m so glad that I don’t fly this effed up woke POS airline and all that garbage that they stand for and try to force on their employees and customers.

    I have no [insert buzzword of the last year] empathy for any of you woke folk who got snookered into this Bulls…

    Gary, you are fast becoming the Enquirer of travel blogs; wtf happened to you

  16. If you are not a registered Democrat, Delta does not want your business. Us free thinking independents will happily spend our $$$ elsewhere.

  17. “Diversity and Inclusion” is code for Replacing White people. Imagine if someone said Israel needs diversity, people would shriek “antisemitism!”

  18. I am a proud independent former straight Republican. What airline do I fly? Any airline I want as long as there are no racist chumpsters on board.

  19. These bastards delayed me five hours on a 7 AM flight for mechanical delays and the plane I’ve been sitting there all night. A pox on there diversity crap. Learn to run an airline

  20. Anyone who lays their life on the line for this country is welcome to board in front of me. As far as your skin color, what you have between your legs, or what your sexual preference is, I could give a damn less. That doesn’t make you special in my book.

  21. What if it could be proven that thinking about “diversity” resulted in a less qualified workforce? Or that Delta could make more money and please more customers by not giving a fig about diversity? Would Delta and other companies abandon the idea? I’m sure they wouldn’t. The groupthink is too strong. So what’s the point of this training? Whether it’s true or not, it’s clearly just propaganda.

  22. Delta and everyone can take their artificial diversity and shove it. I will continue to do the only thing that everyone should….judge everyone on their own individual merits.

  23. So Ed is wearing a BLM band to remind him the BLM supports Hamas terrorists. Hey, fool, that boot to your rear is an even better reminder as your customers kick you to the curb.

  24. @AJ. Is everyone who disagrees with you a racist? If so you need to broaden your mind, dude. Americans are a diverse lot with many different viewpoints. Don’t be intolerant like Delta.

  25. HA! Figures that DL , the official airline of the confederacy, would have to train their red-neck elites how to treat others.


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