Delta Air Lines Passenger Uses His Coach Seat As A Standing Desk, And I’m Here For It

A Delta Air Lines economy passenger was spotted inflight on a four hour flight using his seat as a standing desk. He’s resting his laptop on top of his seat back, and facing backwards to work. This is a power move.

To be sure, the ‘airline seat as standing desk’ is a controversial choice.

But I actually think it’s brilliant, and might do it for a couple of minutes myself.

  • I’m sitting in the aisle, and the passenger next to me gets up to go to the lavatory. They’ll just be gone a minute, why settle back in with computer and drink and power cords only to have to get right back up? I may stand for a bit, it’s a good stretch, and I keep my laptop open with me during that time.

  • And it’s a good idea to stand, change positions, on a long flight. Underpadded ‘slimline’ seats may help airlines squeeze more seats into planes, but they can be rough on a back over several hours. By the way the value of recline is often just changing angles to avoid a sore back. But standing up for awhile is great too.

The trick to it is to avoid eye contact with the person sitting behind you (pretend you’re a resident of Manhattan), don’t make them feel like you’re intruding into your space.

In the end I don’t know who wants to sit in a Delta economy seat for longer than they have to. And Michael O’Leary has been threatening for years to introduce standing-only planes. So I don’t see how a passenger can be criticized for this. Besides, Delta now offers free inflight wifi, might as well be productive.

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  1. I am a flight attendant of many years. Getting up & stretching is good. But we state in our announcements to keep seatbelt loosely fastened even if sign is off due to clear air turbulence.
    I was recently injured on a flight due to a passenger so in my professional experience: please do not do this.

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