Delta Dumped Jet Fuel on School Kids

News notes from around the interweb:

  • Delta will pay out $1.6 billion in profit sharing on Valentine’s Day, this will average out to about two months’ salary per employee.

  • Win 100,000 Qatar Airways Qmiles

  • Competitours dates for 2020 are out! It’s a 10-day team travel competition through Western Europe. You’ll face surprise challenges that are about being creative and resourceful not speed or fitness so anyone can participate.

    There’s a $3600 grand prize pool split between top 3 teams – rivalry during day and revelry at night – last year 70% of teams were repeat, everyone loves it. Since my award booking service partner Steve Belkin runs it, award booking clients who register get free award booking for their flights to and from the trip.

  • As Ed Bastian checks his net promoter score.

  • Delta reporting on loyalty program performance during its 4th quarter earnings call.

    Total loyalty revenues grew 18%. We added the highest number of SkyMiles Members in our history with over 6 million new enrollments. We also acquired 1.1 million new co-brand cards setting a new record and marking the third consecutive year of more than 1 million co-brand acquisitions.

    We deepened our customer engagement to drive 12% growth in mileage redemptions and program spend. This is the fifth year of double-digit growth for portfolio spend. In 2019, our renewed contract with American Express benefited revenue by approximately $500 million.

  • Don’t forget that over 20,000 TSA employees have been accused of misconduct, have of them multiple times.

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  1. where do you get the “several hospitalized” from?
    paragraph 8 of the article you linked to: “The Los Angeles County Fire Department said more than 70 firefighters and paramedics were at the school, and 20 children and 11 adults were treated for minor injuries. No one was transported to the hospital.”
    i read you blog daily and have been for years. i’m disappointed in the click-bait headline.

  2. Just wait until construction is completed on the Rams NFL Stadium. You could have 70,000 people fuel dumped on game day.

  3. Wait until the slimey lawyers get a hold of the kids, they will suddenly all come down with emotional trauma that only a million dollar settlement will cure.

  4. We should all lynch Delta right now. How dare they douse school children with jet fuel! Why are people not in prison! Oh wait what? It was a fuel dump that started over the water that was part of an emergency landing immediately after takeoff? The fuel evaporated before it reached the ground? Nobody was hospitalized? Seriously you know what you did with that headline and its shameful.

  5. @Bill, thats bs, the flight path is 90% over land, you make it sounds like they dumped most fuel on open water while holding over ocean, they did NOT do that.

    And they dumped fuel at POPULATED AREA, on people! It’s practically unprecedented, making it sounds trivial is ridiculous.

  6. Gary, I can’t believe how irresponsible you are. You should be ashamed of yourself! No one went to the hospital.

  7. @Chris what part of started over water did you not understand? The FAA will certainly investigate about why they dumped where they did and if that was their only option but the kids were fine with a little soap and water. Its hardly as severe as the headline made it seem.

  8. “She pulled them behind my shoulders, laughed & said “giddyup!” as she snapped my braids like reins.

    My hair is part of my spirit. I am a Native woman. I am angry, humiliated. Your “fun” hurt.”

    Yeah the TSA should stay professional on the one hand, on the other you gotta look at the motives.

    If someone is trying to brighten your day and inject some sunshine into the crappiness that is going through a TSA line you should not take offense.

    Definitely do not complain on a public forum that might get a worker fired from their job.

  9. Bill, there was jet fuel which didn’t evaporate before making contact with people and property on the ground. It’s why there were kids, clothes and cars on the ground that stunk of this DL’s jet fuel.

  10. Ordinarily, when an aircraft has to return to the airport with fuel tanks still full, they would first climb to a suitable altitude, preferably over water, to dump the fuel where it would vaporize before it hit the ground.

    The fact that it didn’t happen thst way suggests that this particular “engine problem” required IMMEDIATE landing, and that the crew was having to dump fuel even on descent and approach. While that was probably not their first choice, the option of NOT dumping the fuel could’ve been disastrous.

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