Delta Flight Attendant Attacked By Passenger Who Refuses To Wear Mask

Monday night’s Delta Air Lines flight DL1997 from Miami to Atlanta was delayed for several hours when a passenger refusing to wear a mask hit a flight attendant after being asked to deplane the aircraft.

Video of the incident shows two passengers arguing with a flight attendant before the maskless man was removed by police. The flight made it to Atlanta at 1:32 a.m.

The BBC’s Suzanne Kianpour, who is covering the Presidential campaign, was on the flight. And things went down more or less just like the first Presidential debate:

Kianpour reports her love for Delta was only reinforced by the incident (or maybe it’s their continued blocking of most middle seats).

The good news is we may finally be getting to a solution that everyone can live with on masks. Sure, some people may not like wearing them. But Hormel foods has new ‘breathable bacon’ masks. Surely bacon-scented masks makes wearing them downright enjoyable for many who won’t wear them today. I’d posit there’s not much of a venn diagram overlap of vegans and those unwilling to wear masks. (HT: Marginal Revolution)

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  1. Class and patience? The flight attendant was punched.
    Did the thug get a by or were they arrested?

  2. I just got an invite from DL to status match from my AA EXP and was considering a quick 6 round trip runs to secure DL status for another year. Now I am reconsidering as I am certainly not interested in seating on tarmak and watching fights over masks. Flying with a companion next to me in AA F suites me just fine.

  3. Noting that red hat the man is wearing in the video is not a MAGA hat. The video seems to show that issues about wearing masks are not just happening among traditional Trump supporters. In fact masks have also been absent among BLM protestors, taking away any political spin.

  4. I’m a Delta flight attendant. This makes me so angry for the flight attendant who was attacked! I hope she’s ok. She’s very professional for not hitting back! I might not be as nice when someone hit me like that! I’m on an extended leave right now. Not too excited to go back and be welcome like this!,

  5. Red hats, Trump the BLM movement have absolutely nothing to do with this video. And for the record not all people of color support the BLM movement nor do all Caucasian people support Trump.

    As for the actual story posted here….
    There are temper tantrums, outbursts and stunts being carried out by people of all backgrounds & ethnic groups.

    It is just plain stupid!!!!!

    Not wearing a mask while traveling will get you kicked off a flight, arrested or questioned by the police and depending on what you did banned from flying.

    Just wear the mask, drive to your destination or stay home!

  6. > I am reconsidering as I am certainly not interested in seating on tarmak and watching fights over masks.
    Alex, the same could happen on any airline, this is not Delta’s fault, dickheads board AA and UA just as much. I think DL flight attendant handled it well and properly. And I hope Delta presses charges and bans the a-hole.
    You will miss on a chance to travel on the best domestic airline, period. IMHO.
    – DL MM

  7. Florida man says:
    July 25, 2020 at 11:24 am
    Another Karen kicked off a plane. Good riddance.

    @Florida Man its not clear from the video – is it a Karen or a Shaquanna that shoved the flight attendant?

  8. Just like the airlines share one common thing and that is safety. This should be shared and that pax banned from flying any airlines!

  9. “Wear a Mask”/”Be our Guest” (from Beaty and the Beast.) parody. Definitely worth watching. ~ 2 minutes.

  10. Delta should ban the passenger. Period. No she wasn’t arrested, she was taken off. But she should have been.

  11. Thanks for the bacon mask tidbit. Made me laugh after being a little angry over the way the FA was treated in the video.

    I wonder how the bacon masks would fly with Middle Eastern & SE Asian flights (no pun intended). Curious if the flights can tell a passenger to replace the mask if a Muslim passenger sitting nearby can smell bacon.

  12. Delta is a private business. It has every right to set mask policies that it believes will be best for its employees and customers. If someone doesn’t like it, there is nothing to force them to fly Delta. The anti-mask militants can start up their own airline if they want to.

  13. @ Letitia D. Richardson — That “Wear a Mask (Be Our Guest Parody)” is clever and
    creative, but it sells a false narrative. Dr. Fauci has been inconsistent about whether
    people should wear masks, and Covid-19 cases have been increasing in many areas
    despite continued mask wearing. Many conservatives and many President Trump
    supporters are not science deniers, and they know the common masks are
    ineffective at keeping out the Covid-19 virus.

  14.…/crime/article246605038.html Crazy hit a flight attendant go not mater what the reason was your is ban from all of delta and airport is the normal reaction, don’t matter if guilty are not, your struck a worker, it was first class, money talks wonder whom correction she is and who family is. She has a damn good lawyer for one thing, Entire assault was filmed at 3 known angles there was at least 6 other recordings seen, al the Passengers is the aggressor, verbally, mentally and aggressively. no fowl language was from the airline worker. Here is the thing. Passenger approached the worker, got in her face with out a mask screaming, your have to push your arm out to make distance, that is self defense of possible air porn spit as one talks. passenger yes she was pushed self defense well worker did self defense. Passenger lady was aggressive up in the worker her face. she has no case, thus should be charged, if not money talks and a plea bargain was made with a settlement. Have a feeling its a non disclosure settlement to.

  15. I’ve not been able to determine if the passenger was arrested and/or banned by airlines. My guess, owing to being black, she was not.

  16. The unmasked passenger assaulted the flight attendant and should be charged with a felony; as well as, banned from Delta Air Lines for life. Delta does everything possible to protect their passengers and luckily there are very few contentious passengers who would escalate the situation to the level this passenger reached. It would remiss if this behavior is ignored, it would only empower others………

  17. I work for blaze tv, and I’ve called Delta three times to try to find out why charges were not pressed against this woman. I’ve yet to get a call back. people should be calling Delta and demanding an arrest of this woman. people have been charged and prosecuted for a lot less; for example, creating a disturbance, refusing to adhere to airline policies, ignoring flight attendants and mouthing off. I called and spoke to a sergeant at the Miami-Dade Police station asking why this woman has not been brought up in charges and arrested . They told me that Delta did not press charges and when they arrived at the scene, the flight attendant was gone period people need to call Delta airlines and demand that this woman is brought up on charges. The fact that she blatantly assaulted a flight attendant who was only trying to do her job, was not provoked, and there’s a plane full of witnesses as well as thousands of videos all over the Internet just makes Delta look bad.

  18. I am the Flight Attendant in that video and as of today 12-16-2020 no charges have been brought agaisnt that passenager. I have been fighting the goverment on my own to get charges brought. I have just been able to get the FAA to open an investagation but this can not get the Federal Prosecuter to press charges. We as Flight Crew are protected by Federal Law but they are failing to do so..lack of evidence!!
    If we aren’t safe as Crew Members from this how can we keep our passenagers safe? I have not been able to return to work since this happened. I will not stop fighting for justice for not only myself but my fellow crew members and all our passenagers.

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