Delta Just Killed It With Their New Safety Video

I like American’s new safety video even though (perhaps because of) I’m not much of a fan of cheesy or over-the-top safety videos. I think it’s a solid effort, and I give it high marks precisely because it’s not the most wild and creative thing out there. It’s modern, and does the job.

However I have to give real kudos to Delta’s new safety video which debuts onboard October 1.

It may get old for me rather quickly, but for now I give them big thumbs up — especially for including Deltalina Katherine Lee at 1 minute 2 seconds.

Here’s “Legend of Safety: Safety Video Game” — it’s original and well-executed.

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  1. My first thought when seeing your headline was, “Another new safety video for Delta?” I understand that some airlines think of their safety videos as an extension of their marketing, but it seems like Delta changes their videos more often than most airlines, and I don’t think it’s necessary.

    That being said, I actually do not like this one. All of the video game motifs are really distracting, in a way that I think actually takes away from the primary message.

  2. I’ll give Delta an “A” for creativity, but I wonder if we need the FAA to stop this “safety video as entertainment” thing. Where will it end? And the end of the day, why not just have a normal safety video?

  3. Finally we’re getting reason to watch the safety presentations. They may be too over-the-top now but at least they’re attention getting. I’d rather have passengers watching these than not.

  4. This is horrible!!!! I don’t like it at all. I don’t like the cartoon-y/animated characters, it makes it seem less real and less serious.

    So glad I don’t have to endure this on a DL flight anytime soon.

  5. Absolutely awful. Distracting. Not funny. Trying too hard to be over-the-top. Like iahphx said, we need the FAA to step in and do away with this cutesy crap. It detracts from the message and fosters a culture of complacency that shouldn’t be present when discussing airplane safety. Embarrassing for Delta.

  6. I’m sorta between “Holy Toledo” and “Is this a little creepy”. But, it grabs your attention and keeps it. As a DL Million Miler, I observe how many people DO NOT watch safety videos. Especially ones that can make a difference sitting around safety exits. With all my miles, I still watch and know exactly what my Plan A and B will be. And I’m glad they rotate them. Keeps things fresh. And, at least nobody is strutting around in 4 inch stiletto heels while wearing a life jacket, or alluding to 40 inch pitch in Coach like on AAs.

  7. Yeah, I don’t like it either — too long, music too loud and graphics is from year 2001. Why don’t they just re-shoot the same one with Deltalina? She’s wonderful, even she aged. Are they afraid to show a woman older than 25?

  8. The point of a safety video is not really to get the attention of you and me. The readers of this blog have probably heard the safety spiel so often they could probably stand up and recite itl without a note card . The point is to get the infrequent traveler – who really needs to become aware of this stuff – to take their faces out of their hand held devices and watch. If it’s entertaining, that helps.

  9. @Adam — I do think that if plane crashes were more common (let’s face it, you’re now more likely to be killed by a terrorist, and that isn’t very likely), we wouldn’t have a proliferation of these “entertaining” safety videos. They would be the serious discussions they were intended to be. Seems to me that we should either end the practice or take it more seriously (in a short and sweet manner). I like to be entertained as much as the next person, but the safety video isn’t the right forum to do that in.

  10. Omg, when safety is #1 u dont distract from that message w/annoying video $$ word pop ups, adding the “super stars” did nothing 2 enhance williams sequence dumb,cartoon images may b relatable 2 teens kids but adults? Mix of both would have been more effective. Scale of 1-5, 3

  11. Dreadful. Really, really awful.
    Unfortunately, I’m a DL hub-captive. I can only hope this one gets canned soon.

    Why not keep the funny one they had a while back with the twins, funnily dressed people, etc.? It kept your attention, but still focused on the safety issues.

  12. Do I think it’s somewhat silly–and even a bit creepy? Yes. However, as an advertising/marketing professional, I believe this is excellent. The intended audience (those who don’t fly often, may be afraid, or are unfamiliar with airline safety) will pay attention to it–and remember the primary messages. Therefore, it will get results. This isn’t a beauty contest.

  13. To be honest I think it’s absolutely awful and probably one of the worst safety videos they ever come out.
    Honestly I’d love to know how much they spent on the safety videos because it seems like they change them every couple of months
    Maybe they could use that money to show some appreciation to their customers instead. I like their last video which wasn’t silly and show diversity and I also used to like the old American safety video however I think the new one is dreadful as well and very distracting

  14. Totally lame and a little creepy! Sounds like a 1990’s video arcade…not exactly an endearing throwback unless you have a desire to be at the mall on a Saturday afternoon when you were ten years old. And was that Serena Williams slamming a tennis ball at a cigarette? Not a great visual. I give it 3 out of 10.

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