Delta Passenger Brings Big Service Dog In Coach, Complains About The Service [Roundup]

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  1. Putting to one side the truth of the matter which of course can’t be known, does this person not have a right to complain about a “rude and hostile” cabin staff? Law requires reasonable accommodations and I would be upset if DL staff didn’t make them.

  2. Dog (in pic above): “Mommie, PLEASE get me out of this cramped and smelly place! I am way too large to fit underneath a seat, and ALL I want to do is love you and be nice to other people. I am a DOG, not a piece of oversized luggage! PLEASE Mom, help!”

  3. She should file a lawsuit against the airline as not one dog biscuit was offered
    Pain and suffering
    So so sad
    Cute dog but doesn’t look like a seeing eye service dog so I assume emotional support animule?

  4. Soo, it is really hard to believe sometimes if these are really service animals or not, with that being said, what was he not accommodated about? his complaint is he is not being accommodated but in what way?? how was the flight attendant rude and in what context? Did he mean he would get an empty seat next to him? was it regarding a meal or drink? Dog treats LOL!
    This is such a vague post it should not even be on here, I would like to be the passengers next to him and be complaining about such a large dog, it is more of an inconvenience for them.

  5. Given how calmly the dog is sitting, and the shaved coat, my guess is that is a real service dog, not an ESA. Service dogs are not limited to breed. For example, I know several Portuguese water who are service dogs- seeing eye, seizure alert etc. It isn’t only Goldens and Labs. Service dogs are required to be provided reasonable accommodation under the ADA. ESAs have no protection.

  6. Was she hoping for a free upgrade with her service dog? Looks like she should have planned better by booking somewhere besides a middle coach seat. Given that the dog leash goes cross the aisle seat and middle seat (and the photo appears to be taken from the aisle seat perspective), maybe she should have traded with the aisle person..or pay for bulkhead in Comfort Plus?

  7. A Service Animal/ Dog has a legal definition under ADA. An emotional support animal is not a Service animal..despite your $20 vest and certified bought off the internet. So tired of companies not educating their staff and / or showing the courage to enforce these laws.

  8. Ms. Allegra Misitano, @albomis3, joined “X” in May 2024 — I’d assume shortly after “The flight attendant were [sic] rude and hostile” to her. Her emotional recovery probably required her to publicize the anguish she felt during the flight and to seek restitution from Delta.

  9. None of us were there and did not see what actually went on. I find the rude comments about a service dog to be unacceptable. These animals go through 2 years of training to enable them to be a service dog (many do not make it through the program). They should be praised rather than bashed. It is possible that the owner of the dog was unkind but the dog would never be

  10. @Me, I would rather be seated next to that service animal any day. I might suggest you ride in the cargo hold and let the rest of the passengers enjoy a more pleasant ride.

  11. Not sure what the complaint is but if she is actually disabled and it’s a true service dog staff should go out of way to help. Unfortunately too many people are abusing terms with their “emotional support “ dogs for which there is no research supported justification. Those really needing and those whose space and comfort is intruded upon both suffer as a result.

  12. Airplanes are not kennels. And what people allergic to pet dander? The overwrought “service animal” hoax should be thrown to the dogs. Time for some major blowback!

  13. The Premium Airline has to step up their game. (Expecting more brainwashing comments to appear)

  14. The pet thing is out if control. Yesterday at the grocery a huge Doberman quickly rounded the corner past me about 8″. I gasped as the memory flooded my brain. I had once been bitten by a Doberman. Ones emotional service dog can cause trama to another and they are everywhere. Last week, 2 were in the linens towels section of the department store. Allergies? Sometimes i hear people sneeze when the pets are around. Some places need to set off limits areas. I remember when all animals were in the hold. I think it was a rule or they charged a lot. It was rare to see a pet on board….except seeing eye dogs. Not even cat carriers. That was when seats were bigger and more leg room! I want a dog, but with my disability it would not be fair to it. I would not be able to walk it enough or play often enough. That is what disability is. Disabled enough to not be able to do most of life’s small things. For the people with emotional disabilities , pets really help, and they are able to work, take care of the pet. But the physically disabled have a hard time just cooking and cleaning for themselves and a trip on a plane physically exhausting having to bring a pet on the trip too nearly impossible.

  15. I’d rather have a dog as my neighbor in economy than 80% of the human passengers on any given airline.

  16. What does she think she’s doing? The dog has to be COMPLETELY under the seat in front of her… some people, I swear.

  17. I relocated from the UK to Los Angeles and my Golden Retriever was in the hold in a huge crate. He was fine and the pilot actually came and told us he had checked on him, twice. I’m so sick of these entitled people who think they are so f-ing important!

  18. None of you can say with any degree of certainty that this is not a service dog. As for needing a service dog, there are many reasons to need one. Not just being blind. A real service dog has to be with it’s owner at all times. Just today I almost got into a physical altercation with a guy at the grocery store who walked past me and called me a derogatory name because I had my service dog with me. I told him to mind his business and leave me alone. But he kept pushing me. The manager trespassed him, and he is no longer allowed in ANY of that chain’s stores.

  19. The Sky interiors on the 737s always get scuff marks from massive carry on bags in the areas where the aisle overhead raft storage reduces the available ceiling space in the ETOPS/EOW planes, it isn’t simple dirt and is more intensive to remove.

  20. @Robert – there is a big difference between ‘need’ and ‘benefit.’ And many of these ‘service’ animals are being approved based on general benefit vs medical need by therapists who have no medical credentials.

    You could make a case every human could benefit from having a kind animal at their side all the time, but we don’t because it inconveniences or harms others during travel, including the stressed animal, and the benefit is not a need.

  21. There is a difference between service animal and support animals. Service animals provide a specifically trained need for a disabled person and are allowed certain exceptions that other animals are not. Emotional support is not classified as a service that an animal can be trained. So your ESA is not allowed any protection on an airplane that a regular pet doesn’t have. Meaning they have to be small enough to sit in your lap or fit under the seat in a carrier.
    If you claim they are a service animal they have the right to ask what service they are trained to do and if you can’t demonstrate that they are a service animal then tough cookies.

  22. @Robert. Taking a dog into a store, especially a grocery store is absolutely disgusting. I can’t stand when people have animals around food. I’m a Gulf War Service-Connected Disabled Veteran diagnosed with Chronic PTSD, anxiety, and agoraphobia. On the extremely rare circumstances that I’m able to leave my home, I would never take a dog into a store. We told our son that his then girlfriend was no longer welcome after she took her ESD to a family member’s wedding (despite them stating the obvious, that dogs aren’t welcome to it, and made several attempts to bring it into our house.

  23. My Service Dog Caine passed 30 months ago..Life have been difficult most days,without him..I’m a disabled Combat Vet of 3 different Warzones..Caine was a Rhodesian Ridgeback..I,never once had an issue with anyone about him..Most people were drawn to him for their comfort as well as my own..We were together for 6 years..
    PTSD is an unseen wound..

  24. Ok,
    So once again I find myself feeling obligated to try and educate on Service dogs.
    Two glaring issues became very clear to me.
    1) The service dog owner needed to provide for herself, her team member and other passengers safety and confront. She should have gotten a bulkhead seat or payed to upgrade for greater leg room.
    2) So many people are being exposed to ill-behaved, poorly trained or ‘fake’ service dogs that they are becoming angry, hostile or unbelieving even to well trained service teams.
    Please, try to understand that a service dog is truly giving some dignity and independence back to those people.
    To help rid the inconvenience and danger to the general population and service teams write your government
    ( federal) Officials asking for service animal licensing by proof of disability, disability mitigation provided by service dog. And the ability of team to pass public access testing.

  25. Having worked for 30 years in customer service and several years at a major airline the big red glag is usually when someone complains that a service person was rude it’s because they simply didn’t get what they wanted

  26. The world sucks people are terrible it’s not going to get better we all just need to accept that, and I really feel sorry for that poor dog. To all the poor animals out there in the world I’m sorry that the world is full of a bunch of asshole humans but it is what it is maybe we’ll get lucky and that asteroid will actually change trajectory and slam into the Earth and end Life as We Know It that would just shut everybody the hell up wouldn’t it

  27. Dishonest and inconsiderate people continue doing what they do, regardless of public opinion.

  28. For the people in the comments saying it obviously isn’t a service dog due to the breed, you’re incredibly wrong. It appears to be either a Standard Poodle or Portuguese Water Dog (photo was removed so I could only see a cut off part of the dog from the thumbnail). I personally have both of these dog breeds and they are known for being excellent service dogs particularly as seeing eye dogs as well as medical alert dogs (diabetes, seizures, etc). People need to stop acting like service dogs are breed restricted to Labs, Goldens, or German Shepherds.

  29. Such a large dog is it even necessary I call bullshit on a lot of these quote service dogs these entitled people think it’s all about them.

  30. The owner should have booked a center seat, there’s much more space there for the large dog. But the owner was more concerned about her convenience than the dog’s comfort. A fully loaded beverage cart on Delta we weighs 300 pounds. A paw, tail or nose could be seriously Injured (toes and tips of tails could be amputated), when a bev6cart is maneuvered through the aisle. The dog is an innocent victim. The owner is literally endangering the dog’s life.

  31. If this truly is a service dog, Delta should accommodate the dog and the passenger and the passengers whose space this dog will take up. I flew in a bulkhead seat with a 90-100 pound German shepherd under my legs or on my feet because there wasn’t enough space for the poor dog. I have allergies to dogs but there was nowhere else for me to sit and nobody was willing to trade places with me. It was very uncomfortable for me, the person with the disability and the dog. I couldn’t get up to walk around as moving the dog so I could get out would have been an ordeal. Thankfully the flight was only 2 hours. I was offered a paltry amount of delta miles for the “inconvenience”. The airline industry is at fault. There is not enough room for passengers to sit comfortably, and adding a 90-pound dog to the mix made a normally not enjoyable experience literally painful, and launched me into a 2-day allergy attack. Delta shouldnt have profited from this, but they did off of my ticket for sure (last minute business traveler).

  32. The guy brings Dino from the Flintstones on the plane and starts complaining because the brontosaurus burger he ordered as a special meal wasn’t cooked right.

  33. I have a service dog. I’ve not gone with my service dog on a plane yet but if I have to go I will book a flight in the first seats in first class. There there is extra room for ne and my service dog and would be better for all if we flown there. Cost me more but would be much better for my guy and others around me. Food for thought.

  34. The whole service animal thing has gotten way out of hand. One can’t deny that some people will need help in the form of an animal companion. On the other hand, where does the airline draw a line? At one time, people brought “companion pigs” or, in one case, a “companion peacock” aboard an aircraft. Reptiles are forbidden in the cabin due to the propensity for spreading salmonella. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to sit next to a “companion iguana” that’s for sure! I certainly sympathize with the need but at the same time, I sympathize with those who must sit near or adjacent to these animals. What about their “rights” or “needs”? Anyone these days can fake a “prescription” or “need letter” from a doctor. So the question becomes, where does the rights of the person needing a companion animal begin and end? Where does the rights of the person adjacent to the person in need begin and end? It’s a very tough question.

  35. Ignorant entitled people should shut up until they’ve researched what a service dog is and expected to do. What too large to be a service dog? Wrong breed? What’s wrong with you deliberately ignorant self serving idiots? Allergies do not prohibit a service dog entry anywhere- have your allergy medicine ready – and I by the way would much rather sit by a dog than 90 some % of self absorbed mean spirited ‘humans’.

  36. Amazing how we survived for decades without this nonsense. Personally I find it disgusting especially in hotels. Hotels should have limited specific rooms that are only used for people with pets – just like smoking and handicapped shower rooms.

  37. Ignorant and uninformed. Shameful that people base their opinions off of the incorrect information being put out there. The author is creating a hostile world for true honest people who travel with a true honest service dog for their disability. Why do people chose to write this crap. Where are all the good kind people in the world.

  38. AA treats everyone poorly. Are you expecting preferential treatment?

    Anyhow, this is the same me airline that argued in a court filing that a 9 year old child was partially to blame for thier peeping tom steward.

  39. For those complaining about the SERVICE dog and their allergies, did you know that Goldendoodles were bred specifically for people who need service dogs, but suffered from allergies? Goldendoodles are often 50, 60, 70 + pounds, but since they are crossed with poodles, they have hair, not fur, and do not have doggie dander.

    People who need SERVICE dogs would much rather not have the condition they suffer from on a daily basis. So these animals bring them great relief, help, or whatever they are trained to do.

    Quit bitxxing. Maybe one day you might develop a handicap. How would you feel if strangers treated you like your handicap wasn’t real???

    Shame on the airline for not automatically giving this person extra room to accommodate the dog and person. Not to mention make the flight more enjoyable for the other passengers. It’s the money.

  40. I have a medical service dog, it is needed for daily life and to prevent medical catastrophe. He weighs over 200 lbs and stands way over 3 feet at the shoulder. His size is a must and a smaller dog cannot perform his job. I always must pay for 3 seats, one for myself two for him. Even though it cost me out of.pocket, and I never ask for free help, I still get ridiculed and constant barage of comments from those assuming that I should simply stay home and not live a life that I pay for on my own. It is sad to think that a veteran that served his time must now pay a price for others to judge him based upon the physical disability he received while serving. Sorry if my dog offends anyone, but he gives me a chance at life, which is more than most of society has to offer me. I don’t even ask for the free ride, just the right to coexist.

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