Delta Passenger Offered $10,000 To Take A Later Flight

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  1. Obviously Delta has done the math about how high they can go to avoid involuntary denied boardings and this isn’t the first time we have seen eye-poppingly eye levels.
    Given that Delta consistently has ZERO involuntary DBs according to the DOT and also is at the top end of profitability for the airline industry, their strategy works.
    Some people end up with enough cash to pay for lots of vacations.

  2. With all due respect, KC BBQ is not only the best in the US, it’s the best in the world. Come visit, and I’ll show you around.

  3. WHOA! Clearly, you have NEVER had Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in KC (now called Joe’s KC) in Mission, Kansas. The absolute disdain for KC BBQ you just wrote about speaks levels of your ignorance in the matter. I point you to Anthony Bourdain’s 13 places to eat before you die. How dare you, sir. HOW DARE YOU!

  4. While nowhere near $10K, a couple of years ago, 8 of us each received $2800 from Delta for ATL-ORD flight and got booked on another flight 90 minutes later.

  5. I’m back because I’m still livid about your slander! Get on AA flight 4076 tomorrow from AUS to MCI, take an Uber to 3002 W 47th ave KC, KS 66103. Get in line, order a Z Man, half rack of ribs, fries and a Boulevard Wheat. Sit down and enjoy your humble pie. Then take an uber to Q39, order the pork belly and brisket. Then once you’ve realized what a terrible opinion of BBQ you had prior to your arrival in KC, make one last stop at Minsky’s in the River Market, don’t worry it’s on the way back to MCI, and order the cheeseburger pizza. Then hop your ass on AA 4230 at 8pm and sulk for the 2 hours flight home about how wrong you were on so many levels.

    Again, how dare you!

  6. The article headline said voucher but in the article it said VISA gift card.
    Isn’t that cash? So which is it?
    Voucher or cash? I’m confused…..

  7. I call BS on the Delta story and the headline. Prove it or delete it.

    $10k total VDB for the flight is possible. $10k per passenger is not.

  8. @John – Boulevard Wheat? Tank 7 all the way.

    BBQ rule – There is no disparaging one city’s best BBQ over another. Once you reach a certain level of quality, it’s all good. The best part of travel is often exploring the local food scene.

  9. Ugh, you’ve all been played for fools.

    Gary is clearly using the number one rule of blogging (BBQ flame wars are the easiest way to drum up comment traffic) to exploit you for his own gain.

  10. @John
    He will not do unless you specify which cards he has to use for the flight, for Uber and for the actual meal. And if those cards don’t run promotions right now – you’re SOL 🙂

  11. Millionaire migration over time should tend to go to where the climate/environment is better, clean fresh water for drinking and playing in is more plentiful, farming and animal husbandry is plentiful and easier to pull off using plentiful local resources, and where government and local society is more open and respectful of individual liberty and safer from serious violence.

    But as with many things in life there are trade-offs and no place is 100% perfect destination for everyone in every regard. Given how things are nowadays, Brazil, China, India, Israel and the UAE aren’t my idea of prime destinations for long term relocation. Norway/Sweden and New Zealand may be more attractive to some from a longer term perspective.

  12. @nsx at FlyerTalk

    We have confirmed it with Delta Corp PR reps so no need for Gary or us to remove the post!

  13. OTOH, I once volunteered to give up my DL seat for $300 and they had me sit by the gate. It turned out that they didn’t need me to do that, but they’d already given away my C+ seat, so I ended up in Basic E, middle seat, with NO compensation at all. I don’t volunteer any more. (But for 10k, I might consider the risk.)

  14. Jack the Lad, surely you can use to discover the standard definition for “animal husbandry”.

    $ doesn’t always go where $ is treated best. Insecure people with money migrate themselves or their family toward where such persons and family feel treated acceptably and the environment is deemed predictable for the moneyed migrant, the family and the assets.

    Every place that is noted by that site with a net inflow of millionaires is a major destination for foreigners laundering black money into white. It’s not necessarily where $ is treated best.

  15. So the Avs fly Delta and not United. Wonder if that becomes a DL ad at DIA or around Denver.

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