Delta Pilot Locks Himself Out Of The Cockpit, Climbs Through Window Of Plane

Here’s video of a Delta pilot crawling through the window of a Boeing 737. Apparently if you’re locked out of the cockpit you can use the window that can be opened from the outside to get in.

While no additional context on the incident was provided, Breaking Aviation News shared this hilarious clip to twitter.

Jerry Seinfeld once wondered whether planes have keys, and if pilots lose the keys causing all sorts of delays and the airline just doesn’t tell you about it. Here’s proof that he wasn’t entirely wrong.

In 2019 a British Airways pilot posed video to social media of another pilot crawling through the window into the cockpit of a plane at London Heathrow though it turns out to have been a recycled older video. Regardless, this Delta pilot isn’t the first one to do it, he’s following in the footsteps of greatness.

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  1. DL has rescinded the SkyClub restriction about arriving pax being barred from the Club. Seems like too much blowback. Received email about 2 hrs ago with change.

    Airlines risking their relationship with frequent travelers. Score one victory for us!

  2. Theres a cockpit door access code. Cockpit door must have been shut and the access code system malfunctioned. Still not sure why Delta maintenance couldnt have fixed it first instead of entering the cockpit in such a risky manner? If one of the pilots fell, hit their head or injured themselves doing this, it would cost Delta a lot of money in workmans comp and for pilots serious injury can keep them out of work for a long time.

  3. Not to mention possible damage to flight control systems from the captain crawling across the instrument panel to the left seat.

  4. Seriously Fred did you think the plane was airborne when he had to do this?????

  5. You would have thought they would have hidden a spare key under the bumper or called AAA

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