Delta Pilot Turns Down Air Traffic Control Instructions To Take Photo of Trump’s Plane: #FakeNews?

Update: it’s been suggested that the recording is a fake. It’s really funny (to me, at least) though either way and worth a listen.

I’m really not sure how I missed this.

N757AF is Donald Trump’s Boeing 757. Here’s the plane receiving a water cannon salute.

President Elect Trump may have issues with the projected cost of a Air Force One replacements but even if elected to a second term he might never fly in those. He’ll have to make due with the current model.

However if he does fly ‘Trump Force One’ his private 757 while President I believe its call sign would be ‘Executive One’.

In the meantime, until Trump’s inauguration, the plane is still identified as ‘November 7-5-7 Alpha Foxtrot.’

Here’s air traffic control talking to Delta (excited to ‘see the Trump plane take off’) and to Trump’s plane. Delta asks for air traffic control to hold off on instructions while they take a photo. Then the controller thanks Trump’s plane ‘for making ATC great again’.

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  1. What a joke. A sad sick joke. Welcome to Trump’s racist bigoted aggressive ignorant America. I’m sickened by his support.

  2. @Andy, I don’t like Trump either and did not vote for him, but what in this article relates to those things? Please leave the boring name-calling political diatribes to the tiresome political website comment sections, of which there are plenty.

  3. Can’t be recent — Trump’s plane has been on the ground here at PBI since the 24th.

  4. Trump is a disgusting pathetic piece of garbage. For those looking to make the White House “White Again” You found your man. What an embarrassment this country has become.

  5. A sad, sick joke? Seriously, you need to lighten up, Andy! This is a (dumb) joke but nothing is it was racist or bigoted or ignorant… except perhaps your tainted perception of it. Please consider that it waters down the reality of these horrible things (racism, bigotry, ignorance) when you cry wolf.

    By the way, Trumps plane is at PBI. I saw it with me own eyes

  6. Audio sounds too clear and the pilots all sound like they’re voiced by one person. Suspect this is fake.

  7. Agree that it’s fake. A good fake, probably done by actual controllers, but the consistent quality of the pilot transmissions is too high

  8. Hair Force One…. LOLOLOL! And I agree, Mr Trump will surprise many peoples…. with his success, which will be our shared success!

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