Delta SkyMiles Completes Transition To 300,000 Mile One Way Saver Awards [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Free Aegean Airlines Miles and Bonus miles for their 20th anniversary.

  • The Omni Frisco Hotel kicked out guests with confirmed bookings in order to rent the hotel out to the Academy of Country Music Awards. Guests are being walked to another property, 10 miles away, that isn’t even open yet. If they’re going to bump these guests, they should at least be comped at the other property but ultimately be made no worse off by the change.

    Here’s the hotel’s ‘explanation’ for what happened:

    To provide clarification, the Academy of Country Music (ACM) had a contract to book the hotel, and somehow announced the location before the contract was finalized, creating the overbooking situation. Due to security concerns/ requirements, and with deference to the safety of the ACM performers, the hotel will not be allowed to host anyone not affiliated with the ACMs.

  • One way partner saver awards over 300,000 miles. Only Delta. What a dumpster fire.

  • TSA argues they should be immune from suit if a screener rapes a passenger at an airport checkpoint that’s an actual legal position, not hyperbole.

  • 250 free Qantas points for linking your account with Accor by December 15

  • It’s usually crew, but here a Southwest passenger breaks out in song:

  • American Airlines trip credits can now be redeemed when ticketing in-person:

  • Amex CEO says Platinum Card annual fee could go up again if they can keep adding benefits, noting that they charge $1000 in the Mexico market.

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  1. @ Gary — If you print your SkyMiles on special paper, they make very soft, absorbent toilet paper that you can use after gorging yourself on their overrated lounge buffet.

  2. I would pay up to a $20,000 annual fee for Amex plat assuming it offered benefits like $1,000 monthly rent credit (competitor to Bilt), $500 monthly auto loan credit, complimentary membership to Tinder Platinum, complimentary membership to Bumble Premium, complimentary membership to Hinge Preferred, complimentary Audible Plus, complimentary NYT, WaPo; unlimited IP addresses from which to post comments on View From The Wing to encourage its author to lose weight; complimentary 5 gallons per week of reverse osmosis purified water delivered to my door; complimentary La Croix sparkling water delivery (flavor of my choice), complimentary bottle of liquor every 3 months, complimentary Apple Music and Netflix subscription, complimentary HBO and Disney Plus.

  3. Delta sky pesos “enhancements”for redemption’s
    Someone has to cover the pilot raises
    You know its inflation that made them do it

  4. It’s just like the last days of the Weimar Republic only with Delta isn’t the Last Bastion of Pesos.

  5. While DL are obviously deploying Mugabe era inflation to the SkyPeso (SkyZWR?), I have really struggled to find any mainline AA 57.5k J to Europe from any East Coast hub from multiple date searches thru October. I am seeing lots of ‘Web Special 110k’ one way J though.

  6. This DL mileage ticket pricing outcome is the predictable result of DL’s shift toward revenue-based mileage earning. And this DL-driven poison has been spreading across major airline frequent flyer programs and will do so more and more as a result of this kind of.mileage earning and redemption arrangement for flights operated by the owner of the frequent flyer program.

    “Revenue-based program” is just an excuse for setting up the program for a steeper trajectory in devaluing miles in customer accounts. And of course in a monkey see monkey do airline world where governmental waivers and favors are granted to industry kingpins for international collusion, this “revenue-based” approach to FFPs becomes a global blight.

  7. Gary does not need to lose weight. He has more to love. And, he has a significant other who appreciates that about him.

    On the other hand, Weight Loss, you list three dating sites as your “gotta haves,” which suggests to me that no one yet appreciates whatever it is that you might have. Such an attack on Gary or any person is indicative of someone with poor self-image. It’s all about you. And, you know, you’re absolutely right about yourself. Sadly, in your dating adventures, the other person senses all of it and moves on to greener pastures.

  8. I stayed at the Hyatt Reunion Center in Dallas when they were the host of the NBA All-Star Game. Only thing that was different was that they checked your id with a guest list and then checked again with your room key. I saw some players, but I didn’t follow the NBA enough to know who they were.

  9. Why are you all trashing Delta?

    It won “Best US Airline Loyalty Program” at the 2022 TPG Awards!

  10. So the Omni Frisco (locals hate that word I’ve heard) is saying “the poors” can’t stay here because it might be a bother to the “stars?”
    Eff ’em…..

  11. In the Mexico market, Amex does offer greater benefits. For ex, there are THREE Centurion Lounges at MEX including (with Amex Plat Personal card) sit down, full service meals, multiple bars, and no time limit. So maybe that’s what would come to the US for $1000 a year. That’s a STEEP annual fee either way.

  12. West coast to Southern Africa went from 115K to 325K one way lowest for Air France/KLM/Virgin Atlantic. What a massive devaluation. Was considering using my remaining Delta miles for this

  13. @ Nick — Shocked such a thing still existed. Some important advice — use all SkyMiles before giving Delta any further cash. Then, never fly with them again. That’s my plan.

  14. Attempting to light a candle rather than curse the darkness — are there any international routes left to/from the US where using DL miles (on DL or a partner airline) reliably shows business class availability, as we used to see on Saudia until earlier this year?

  15. In Mexico, HSBC cards are better. One can trasnfer to multiple partners, and another one has co brand with Viva, the best airline in Mexico

  16. What a shame about SkyMiles these days. I once used 160,000 skymiles to fly rt FC LAX-JFK, overnight then AF Concorde JFK to CDG in 2002. Fifteen people on the Concorde outbound and 13 on the return. A great time to fly.

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