Delta ‘SkyPesos’ Really Has Stuck, and Gone Mainstream

Even in an article I’m not quoted in, and wasn’t interviewed for. Here’s the Wall Street Journal:

Besides the lack of availability of awards, travelers complain that raising the price for awards essentially devalues the miles or points in their account. The currency no longer has the same buying power. Frequent fliers on forums such as FlyerTalk and MilePoint jokingly refer to Delta’s SkyMiles as SkyPesos.

Truth’s truth, even in the ‘mainstream media’. 😉

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  1. Indeed. We just cancelled our Amex Delta Platinum SkyMiles card. The Amex rep said she’s been getting a lot if similar cancellations.

  2. Ok, if you are going keep track of all this stuff, just remember that I coined “Deltaport” for Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport.

  3. Calling them Skypesos is an insult to the Mexican currency.

    Mexican Pesos may not be terribly valuable, but at least you can actually use them.

  4. Gary, out of curiosity, have you ever gotten a reaction from anyone at DL to SkyMiles being called SkyPesos?

  5. @Brian L – I did have someone from Delta snooping around, asking questions about me, building a dossier at one point.

  6. Don’t pat yourself on the back too hard. Between this and your posting about the Op Ed you might get injured.

  7. skymiles are painful to use. The booking interface shows you available flights and then when you actually try to book they are not really available (bait and switch)

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