Delta Won’t Give Discounts to the NRA, Here are Groups Still Receiving Discounts

Delta and United rescinded their group discount offer for NRA members over the weekend. United is based in Chicago and we expect gun violence there I guess. But Delta has taken a lot of heat for their position and tried to walk it back claiming they weren’t really taking a position.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there in the ongoing story of Georgia politicians blasting Delta for their move. The correct way to see threats against Delta is as signaling to GOP primary voters. Although if Delta stops offering NRA discounts and fails to secure the fuel tax subsidies they’ve been lobbying for I’ll feel pretty good overall.

People are out there claiming Delta gives discounts to Planned Parenthood without doing their homework. But Delta doesn’t help matters refusing to talk about the kinds of organizations that receive discounts.

Delta spokesman Anthony Black also declined to comment and would not name any other groups that receive discounted fares from the airline.

Come on, Anthony. Let’s educate the public. Delta sets up discounts for meetings and events and for group travel in addition to offering corporations discounts in exchange for commitments of their travel and association discount deals (think the one United Airlines offers to Veterans Advantage members).

I get it. Delta doesn’t want to remind anyone of this old button right now:

But it’s easy for Delta to give examples of who gets discounts. And it’s even easier for reporters to figure it out without leaving the story as “we don’t know because Delta won’t say.” Just try, say, Googling “Delta 5% discount” and scroll through the results. You’ll find,

Among many others! And if you’re curious try googling “Delta Airlines discount” and whatever bogeyman group you might think of, or even specifying the website (“site:____”) of the group you’re interested in to see if they’ve published a discount.

That won’t bring up discounts that are behind members-only pages, but it will be able to answer the question.

Oh and Delta was the official airline of the Democratic National Convention in 1988. When the event was held in Atlanta.

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  1. Delta should charge NRA members 20% more for their airfare. There is an extra cost to the airline for checking their bags for assault rifles. Delta should be reimbursed for this cost. The NRA would arm toddlers if they thought they could get away with it.

  2. Delta should move out of that hick redneck retro-state. They had their chance to redeem themselves in Dr. King’s birthplace and with Jimmy Carter trying to be their Sunday School teacher leading them to racial redemption – they killed the former and smear the latter into the grave as a perfect juxtaposition to their model of human decency. Georgia is still a swamp sewer of vile racism everywhere outside of the Atlanta beltway, and they’re only slightly politer inside. The city fathers dubbed them “The City too busy to hate” in the 70’s but they sure as hell weren’t talking about the state which is a Hate State. And it would be even worse if Atlanta wasn’t slightly blue!

  3. Small quibble: the Georgia tax provision in question here is a proposal to remove the sales tax on jet fuel, which is a business input and so should not be subject to a properly structured sales tax (which only are supposed to tax final consumer goods and services). So this isn’t really about giving Delta a subsidy.

  4. @Mark:

    “Even toddlers can hunt with guns in Wisconsin, under a bill the state Assembly passed that removes age restrictions…

    The NRA supports the bill and released a statement to “thank the Assembly members who helped pass this important piece of legislation to promote our hunting heritage.” ”

    Not even kidding. This is not fake news.

    “Children of any age can hunt in Wisconsin, after Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill that eliminates the state’s minimum age.

    Walker quietly signed the Republican bill Saturday, exactly a week before the state’s nine-day gun deer hunting was set to open.” (signed on November 11, 2017)

    Lest you think it’s just Wisconsin…
    “Thirty-four other states have no minimum hunting age. “

  5. First time commenter. You nailed it Gary. Watch Delta come grovel back to the political center just like the NFL did. You can’t short sell the NFL but you can short DAL. I sense a couple of misses in the future.

  6. I hope Mark visits a country where arms have been confiscated by the govn and gets put in a gulag. Here’s to pdotecting you here at home Mark against over reaching govn. You will never have a Hitler or Stalin or PolPot in the US due to the armed populace.

    Smart people knew they needed an armed populace to combat govn tyranny. That is why they escaped from their home countries and put it into the 2nd Ammendment. These arms arent for hunting, they are to defend us against the intollerant totallitarian regimes and deep state that people like you put into power. You continue to vote for higher taxes and bigger government, and we will continue to arm ourselves to decend against it.

  7. If the government took away everyone’s guns tomorrow, I’d be completely elated. If the government raised taxes tomorrow and increased the amount of social services, I’d shed tears of pride for my country. The real problem with America are the red state paranoid rednecks like FlyingBoat who have no historical education thinking that Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot rose out of a vacuum. Hey idiot, the 3rd Reich, pre-Stalinist Russia, and Cambodia didn’t have strict gun control laws before those people rose to power and gun control wasn’t why they rose. They rose because they were fascist populists like your beloved Orange Orangutan. Some day I hope the government IS big enough to take away your guns because they only make everyone else more unsafe, especially in the hands of a mental case like you.

  8. @Mark

    Delta should lead to the arrest of every woman who had an abortion—murderers.

  9. Ray, you sure sound like someone who would throw Trump voters in the gulag. Why are you so filled with hate?

  10. @ FlyingBoat

    Mark should come to Australia, then, since Australia is a country which adopted a gun buy back position 20 years ago. Strangely enough, school kids don’t get murdered en masse on an almost daily basis in Australia.

    That’s because, smart people know there is a correlation between guns in circulation and mass murder events. The Australian example proves the point.

    As far as protecting your country – your government spends USD600 billion of your taxes on the military every year (over 50% of discretionary spending) doing just that.

    And as for protecting yourself against a tyrannical government, one can but watch your current political trajectory with more than a passing interest…

  11. Using NRA logic, when the government comes to enslave the people, one place they won’t get is inner city Detroit, since the populace is armed to the teeth. It’s the safest place in the country, since everyone knows the more guns there are, the safer you are. So walk around at 3 in the morning, secure in the knowledge that everyone you encounter will have a gun. That warm fuzzy feeling shouldn’t be blood running down your chest.

  12. It’s funny to read Gary’s political posts because there is this battle going on between what his logic tells him and the idea lurking in his soul that the white straight christian man is primus inter pares.

  13. @Scott D – labor is an input but we tax payroll. Georgia can’t tax the sale of airline tickets departing from the state.

  14. “So much hate and racism in the comments. Wow.”

    No kidding. Calling Georgia a “hick redneck retro-state” and mentioning Dr King and Jimmy Carter and “human decency”. Somewhere there is a disconnect.

    Wishing a poster gets put in a gulag.

    What’s wrong with people? Can’t they have a civil discourse without accusing the other side of being horrid?

  15. Weird, suddenly the leftist commentators are slobbering all over themselves to ensure that a huge corporation gets a tax break on fuel that normally funds infrastructure improvements

  16. I surprised the author didn’t mention Hillary Clinton is his post. Gosh, Delta was the “official airline” for the DNC in 1988. That clearly shows they are some kind of commie led corporation right? After all, aren’t most wealthy, corporate executives a bunch of liberals?

  17. Yay for Delta, United and all the others like Walmart who are taking a stand for change.

  18. Delta does not need the fuel tax subsidy.

    I’m sure Delta CEO Ed Bastian is comfortable with the chain of events.

  19. The 1996 Australian gun buyback program reduced the number of guns in private hands by 20% leaving over 2 million still in circulation. The murder rate has declined in Australia since then but it has also declined in the US where the gun totals in private hands have tripled in the same time period. The decline has more to do with an aging population than gun ownership. Causation and correlation are not the same thing.

  20. Three cheers to Delta for standing their ground.

    The modern GOP is a joke, espousing nothing of traditional Republican values like a free market and lower taxes.

    Businesses should avoid Georgia lest they be punished by the petty “Republicans” in the state’s government.

  21. Ray just confirms my theory that liberalism is a mental disease. And for your edification, Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot were all leftist politicians. They were called the National Socialist Party and the Communist Parties. But the products of the school systems today are told they are from the right. I own guns to protect me from idiots like you.

  22. I used to consider myself fairly liberal but I just don’t have the capacity for hate I see coming from the left today.

  23. Mark, some people sit quietly and let people wonder if they are an idiot or not, you mark open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  24. So… Delta was the official airline of the Democratic National Convention. Which took place in Atlanta in… 1988. Atlanta being served by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Which is a hub for… Delta Airlines and ONLY Delta Airlines. Making Delta a logical choice for the official airline of the convention.

    Dallas was the other choice for the 2016 GOP Convention, which would have taken place in the American Airlines Center, and American would likely have been the official airline for that.
    Does this mean American Airlines favors right-wing organizations over everyone else? Should everyone to the left of Texas Senator Ted Cruz boycott American on account of that admittedly ridiculous logic?

    Earth to Gary: Get a grip.

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  26. You realize that cars kill far more people than guns? So I truly hope Mr. Bastian applies the same logic and discontinues any discount programs with AAA too. He looks like such a pandering idiot during this interview. BTW, his socks do not make him look “woke”.

    2,000,000 , mile flier on Delta

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