Deltalina Guests on the Crew Lounge Podcast

The new episode of The Crew Lounge hosted by Sarah and Bobby features Deltalina as a guest.

She’s still a flight attendant, teaches courses for Delta (not to mention doing promotional events), and she’s single. She’s happy to have folks come up to her and take photos, doesn’t like when people point from afar, and has been approached in an airport bathroom and just wanted to finish what she was doing…

Turns out the name originated on Flyertalk, a passenger called her that on a plane and she went with it, and it took off (it’s been used on CNN and elsewhere, and became semi-official, she adopted it for Twitter, here’s Deltalina’s Twitter feed.).

Katherine’s father is from Puerto Rico, speaks Spanish, often often flies Delta’s Latin American routes.

Here’s the Delta safety video, with the famous finger wag:

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  1. […] Still, the differences have been marginal, and Delta’s operations have been relatively similar in terms of incentives. The airline has taken more cultural approaches to improve flight attendant demeanor, such as the introduction of a glamorous ‘red dress.’ (Unions have complained that the sexy optional red dress isn’t offered in plus-sizes, and pilots evaluate female Delta flight attendant figures based on whether or no they are “RDQ” or ‘Red Dress Qualified’).) The archetype here is the flight attendant from the airline’s safety video, Deltalina. […]


  1. I haven’t flown Delta in a long while so I am very curious about all those pre-takeoff plastic cups the FA is collecting up at 4:15 in the vid. When did they start serving free refreshments in coach during boarding?? Nice!!

  2. Katherine Lee acknowledges that her name originated from FlyerTalk, but mistakenly thought it was a male who named her when it really was a female.

    They have since been in touch, and hopefully they will meet for the first time in person at the Delta Air Lines FlyerTalk event to occur in Atlanta October 21-24, 2010.

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