Delta’s Dirty Secret: Passenger’s Disgusting Discovery Mid-Flight [Roundup]

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  1. Delta has noticeably cut or eliminated maintenance and cleaning expenses in the last year. Planes have noticeably more broken equipment (seats, tray tables, power outlets, etc.) and noticeably filthier cabins and, especially, lavatories.

    On Delta Connection regional jets, it appears they aren’t even cleaning the planes between quick turns. Flight attendants themselves are wiping down lavatories and picking up trash from seats.

  2. @FNT Delta
    Agree 100%. Earlier this year I did 14 hour flight with a busted IFE. On another long haul in August the person behind me in Delta One had a broken seat that wouldn’t recline. In my case, the Purser said they would credit me with 15,000 sky pesos. I told her just to keep them I didn’t participate in any loyalty program. She walked off surprised and came back a few minutes later and said she did it anyway. I almost said thanks for the $3.50 but held my tongue.

  3. I’m not sure I see how the American Airlines airport agent shoe policy is news. This is fairly common, or available with a doctor note, at nearly any airline. It makes sense given airport agents, besides being on their fleet most of the day, can easily do 10-15k steps at work. I say this as a former manager who did damage to his feet doing all that in dress shoes.

  4. Delta is THE premium airline. All these garbage stories are just fake news to falsely smear the greatest company in the history of the world!

  5. The Mexico story sounds like a good story but just that. This sounds like a UAE case around 23 years ago but the dead girl was actually a child.

  6. I am in agreement with that AA shoe policy. I recently purchased two pairs of leather “work shoes,” which actually were made specifically to feel and act like athletic walking shoes; both attractive and comfy!

  7. Gary:
    Disagree on the “totally unprofessional” comment about the AA FAs. They are obviously not on duty and have posed for the picture — obviously at a presser — wearing orange clothing (likely to make a point that they compare their work environment to a prison — and they have no idea about actual prison conditions), along with the lanyards.

    If they were wearing the lanyards with their FA uniforms while on duty, and if it contravened AA policy about appearance, I would agree with you.

  8. Flew from RIC to ATL Friday. Used the head mid flight. I thought the person before me had not flushed the toilet thoroughly due to the amount of poop left in the bowl. That is until I flushed the toilet. The fluid was brown and what appeared to be fecal matter came out of the rim jets. How does that even happen?

  9. I was on a flight heading to vancouver and there was blood on my seatbelt. I alerted the stewardess and she came with gloves and everything and cleaned it up, but it was gross. Since After Covid they now don’t clean anything.

  10. In an industry where metrics are measured in the hundreds of millions of passengers per year, anecdotes mean nothing even though Gary spends half of his bandwidth showcasing them – regardless of whether the topic is bad passengers, dirty or torn cabins, or any other travel-related issue.

  11. Correction: It’s the anecdotes about Delta that mean nothing. For Delta is the greatest company in the world.

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