Delta’s Hammer Drop On Sky Club Access Makes Sense, Goes Too Far [Roundup]

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  1. @Gary I just want to see Amex do something similar at Centurion clubs. The benefit is worthless due to overcrowding by large groups. I probably will let my Platinum card go away next renewal.

  2. I’ve gotten to the point where I despise club lounges.The poor attire, the lousy food, the cramped seating and folks gobbling down slop like it’s their last chance to consume food.
    They attract everyone and anyone including their fake emotional support animal
    I do anything to avoid them now except in situations like the Qantas First Class lounge in Sydney or similar which keeps most of the riff raff is filtered out and feels private enough to escape the masses.

  3. I have no issue with the eminent domain claim if they compensate the developer for the money they invested. I think it’s good for the government to always be able to claim property, provided they provide fair compensation – I don’t think that significantly disturbs the capitalist incentives that are important for our economy.

  4. Hah hah someone has Riff Raff inferiority anxiety under their anger :):)
    The difference is for the most part I was happy to exit the lounges since Covid and only use them when flying premium Int carriers.So they are all yours now Sir Riff Enjoy!

  5. @Ben: I do not believe it is fair for them to cancel the contract they themselves signed. If you believe that they should be able to cancel the contract then the fair compensation should include all the capital they have invested in the project plus compensation for 40 years (or however many left on the 40 year contract) of estimated profits on the contract. Not surprisingly, the City of Austin does not want to buy out the contract, they want to steal it back. I have no vested interest either way but I hope the legal system denies this injustice.

  6. Cities have been stealing land for decades to build stadiums for billionaires. Now it’s the corporations turn to have their land stolen.

  7. There is a lesson here: never sign a contract with a Democrat or Democrat-leaning company or organization as a counter party. The student loan bailout has given Dems cover to abrogate contract law. In out real estate development business we do forensics to assure counterparties are not engaged in partisan Democrat politics. Or we simply ask them up front.

  8. Imagine making armchair politics your entire identity, to where you can’t even comment on an article about airport lounges without losing your mind. Must be exhausting.

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