Delta’s Misstep Risks Air France’s Prime NYC Slots [Roundup]

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  1. Nikki Haley says, “We have to secure our schools the same way we secure our airports.” Inquiring minds want to know when TSA will begin screening kindergarten kids at school and if TSA will lower the age for enrolling in precheck to five so kiddos can purchase TSA PreCheck for expedited entrance to their classroom and playground.

  2. Gary, why is that stupid? Is it OK to attack innocent, defenseless children, but the flying public must be protected? Looks like after a couple months of picking apart every failed leftist endeavor, you’re now trying to get back into their good graces with empty attacks on word phrasing. How about focus on the dumpster fire that your Dem buddies have turned this country into with their actual policy actions, instead of finding outrage in throwaway political commentary?

  3. @Mantis
    There are 5000 plus airports in the US and it costs over $11 Billion for TSA. How much would it cost for 130,000 schools?
    And for what? So that we have hour long lines for kids to enter school while at the same time missing 98% to 99% of guns coming in?

  4. Out of curiosity, I flew on a J ticket purchased from a points broker recently. Direct airline price was around $4k, and the broker price was about $2.5k. There were no problems and I might do it again for that kind of savings, even with the risk of denied boarding.

  5. Nikki Haley needs to spare the country her security nincompoop. We already saw the mess she helped create by effectively building up Iran in the lead up to and following from the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.

    She needs to know the US is not a cheap labor country like India or Egypt where it’s possible to hire huge armies of “security” standing around doing nothing productive — and a lot of counterproductive nonsense too — in the name of “security”. We can’t subject all schools and preschools/daycares into “secure” airports in terms of “security” with massive “security” expenses dumped on localities that already have problems with improving educational outcomes with the money provided by taxpayers.

  6. “Demand for Vegan meals increases 40% with economy passengers most likely to select them.”

    If you’re in a higher class than economy, and you order a vegan meal, do you get something better than the vegan meal served in economy class?

    I remember someone telling me many years ago that she would be unlikely to ever fly first class, because she kept kosher and always ordered the kosher meal on an airplane. (This was when a lot more domestic flights offered meals than they do now.) Since the main advantage of first class is a better meal, she said, and first class passengers who ordered the kosher meal got the same kosher meal as coach passengers did, there was no reason for her to fly first class.

    Is the situation different for vegan meals in first class/business class nowadays?

  7. I would never base my decision to purchase a first class seat on the meal served. Or lack thereof.

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