Delta’s VIP Select Services Screws Up, Singer John Legend’s Clothes Stolen

Singer John Legend’s bag was snatched at New York JFK airport Thursday evening around 9 p.m. Initially it was erroneously reported to have been taken by a cab driver who was going to take Legend into the city, however that turned out to be false — unsurprisingly Legend had a pre-arranged driver.

His bag contained “a pair of Cartier Panther cuff links with clear and green stones, valued at $30k. The clothes inside were valued at $500, and there was a $500 pair of eyeglasses.”

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Legend tweeted an explanation of what happened. His Delta VIP Select services greeter left his bag unattended, and it was stolen.

Coming in from Paris he’d have arrived either on Air France flight 10 (7 p.m. scheduled arrival) or Air France 8 (which which touched down at 9:45 p.m.. Imprecision in celebrity gossip reporting on aviation incidents drives me nuts sometimes.

Since everything at an airport pretty much is caught on video, it wasn’t hard for Port Authority police to identify, track down, and arrest the suspect.

TSA at New York JFK should take a lesson from John Legend: report security problems right away, don’t try to hide them, and it’s possible to track down the issue.

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  1. Gee, when I was molested by a TSA agent at JFK and filed a complaint with the TSA and Port Authority Police, there was “no video available” of the incident in plain view at a TSA checkpoint.
    I guess that’s the difference between a celebrity and someone who just works for a living.

  2. “Imprecision in celebrity gossip reporting on aviation incidents drives me nuts sometimes.”

    Lol, go get ’em, Gary! Celebrities and celebrity gossip reporters drive me nuts most times!

    My question: If John Legend had $30K cufflinks in his bag, why wasn’t he minding his own bag himself like a sensible person would be? I’m guessing they were a souvenir from Cartier in Paris…. ridiculous.

  3. The really strange part is that his bag had $30,000 cuff links but the clothes in the bag were worth only $500. I would think he has many single items of clothing that cost at least that much.

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