Disney Bans Selfie Sticks, and Pilots Discover a New Way to Get Themselves Fired

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  • The world’s most expensive room service is in Geneva and supposedly Bogota is cheapest. I’m skeptical of some of the results, for instance that room service in Delhi is more expensive than in Toronto or Berlin. And the survey is hardly complete — for instance while Bangkok and Singapore are included, I’ve had room service elsewhere in Southeast Asia that’s much cheaper. I’ve never seen anything as cheap as Cebu in the Philippines for instance.

  • Speaking of food, these cupcakes look really delicious. (HT: Pizza in Motion)

  • Resort fees — the biggest scam in travel — topped $2.2 billion last year. The problem is that there are two equivalent equilibria, all hotels charge them or all do not, all booking sites display all-in pricing, or all do not. When only some hotels charge resort fees, other hotels that are more transparent look more expensive and suffer. When some booking sites make pricing transparent in initial search results, those sites appear as though they’re charging more than other sites for the same room. That’s a problem.

  • Disney bans selfie sticks

  • Voluptuous model flirts in the cockpit throughout a commercial flight, takes video of it, pilots get fired.

    While inside the cockpit, she started recording her interactions with the pilots while she chatted and flirted with them. They asked her not to divulge the video, as ‘it might get them in trouble’… in between flirting back and forth and taking selfies with the celeb turned co-pilot, the pilots turned the cockpit lights on upon her request so that she could get a better quality video WHILE SHE WAS OPERATING THE THRUST LEVER, shrieking that she was scared and excited!

    The video, posted by herself, then cuts to the landing, where the pilot suggests she should wear a seat belt, which one can only assume was not worn at all during the flight, and then started buckling her up while telling her how nervous he was about touching her and that they wanted her to be ahem, really tight.

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  1. The pilots are idiots. I’m glad they’re fired. But of course another airline will hire them and nobody will be the wiser.

  2. Gary,
    I know you are against government intervention, but the hotel resort fees are something where the government should make a simple rule. Any hotel room rate advertising on the hotel’s website, an OTA, or any other media, should include the room rate AND mandatory fees AND taxes. It is ridiculous that this is allowed. I think hidden taxes are as annoying as resort fees. If you are trying to decide between a vacation in two different cities and one is a higher local tax rate, it is hard to figure that out until you click through to the end.

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