Disney Sells A $5000 Cocktail, And They Won’t Tell You What’s In It [Roundup]

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  1. I have eaten a few of the top restaurants in the world, had a glass or two of some top vintages, and I can definitively say there is NOTHING that makes a drink worth $5,000 in and of itself. I would gladly trade that drink for four regular drinks (two for me, two for SO) at the top 50 bars in the world, and I would have to pay the transportation costs.

  2. C_M: it comes with a voucher (for one) to visit Skywalker Ranch which is closed to the public, so there’s that…..

  3. For this Disney thirst-quencher to be worth $5,000, one of the ingredients must be the essence of ground-up rodents.

  4. @Jorge – That is probably the only thing worthwhile about the drink. I’d love to see Skywalker Ranch, but I’m not enough of a fanboy to pay $5k, besides which, it’s not what it once was when it was all done by models. I’ve been on some pretty obscure tours, e.g JPL, my favorite Armagnac producer, or underneath the Vatican, and they don’t charge anywhere near that price. And the Vatican tour supposedly includes a view of the bones of St Peter, so you’ve got the religious pilgrimage angle for those who are of that bent (it’s worthwhile for non-believers as well).

    Like the above sentiment, it’s Disney, and Disney is just dedicated to extracting the most dollars they can from a gullible public. Went years ago with the kids, enjoyed it, but resented the prices, it’s worse now, won’t go back.

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