Disney’s Latest Price Hikes May Kill The Brand [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Disney theme park cost increases are pricing out many families. There’s enough demand that Disney can increase theme park revenue this way. The risk, though, is that they could damage their broader ecosystem of films and toys and streaming content in the process (make more money on the parks, but turn off people from Disney generally in the process).

    “I think Disney’s worst nightmare is if Walt Disney World isn’t considered an aspirational destination for most Americans, but if it’s instead viewed as Ibiza — something that rich people go to,” Testa said

  • The fleet development manager for Ukranian charter carrier Windrose has had to escape from Russian forces – twice.

  • American AAdvantage sent out an email to co-brand cardholders touting card benefits (such as they are) but leading with Mastercard Priceless Experiences. These are under-touted, and most people never look for them. You’d have to go to a site, sift them, and find the thing that happens to appeal to you in a city you happen to be going when you’re going there.

    Cardmember data and ticket data should tell them where you’re going to be and when. And spend data should tell them what you’re likely to be interested in so they can push opportunities to you. I was mildly impressed that they at least led with an opportunity at a restaurant in my home town!

    The lead item isn’t actionable. It says ‘check back’ but doesn’t tell me where to check (a future email?) or when to check or when the event will be. If this interests me (and it potentially does – Uchiko is broadly overrated, but it’s also the first meal I ever ate in Austin, a dinner with Summer Hull and her husband) I don’t know what to do with this interest and there’s a reasonable chance I’ll miss out, either because I’ll miss the followup or because the opportunity will be gone when it comes.

  • Visa and Mastercard are increasing merchant swipe fees next month a move first announced for April 2020 but put off due to the pandemic. Most coverage misses that the increase is largely for accepting non-rewards cards – so much for non-rewards customers subsidizing rewards – and that small merchants (under $250,000 a year in volume) will see lower fees. Many of the largest merchants have directly negotiated rates as well.

  • Avianca confirmed order for 88 Airbus A320neos with options for 50 more to be delivered between 2025 and 2031.

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  1. Disney World is the Delta Sky-Pesos of family fun. Completely useless. The Disney Dump is way too expensive.

  2. The quote in the first article is hilarious. Ibiza is viewed by Europeans as basically being like Americans would view Panama Beach in Spring Break. It’s a ridiculously cheap vacation for Europeans to visit Ibiza… and they do by the millions. It couldn’t be further from being a place only for the rich. In that way, it’s totally like Disney.

  3. Ibiza being for rich people…

    = tell me you’ve never been to Europe without telling me.

  4. Disney is uber-woke and therefore anti-family. I boycotted them years ago. Everyone needs to do the same.

    Go woke, go broke.

  5. Took my kids to Disney 18 years ago and enjoyed it, sort of (NEVER go Orlando in August), but was shocked at the prices then. Commented that it was cheaper to take the kids to the real Caribbean than “Pirates of the Caribbean” and have been back only once – when the second one was old enough to actually enjoy it.

    When people discover the real world, including travel to Europe with kids, can be cheaper than the fake Disney world, they’re done.

  6. We are Disney Vacation Club members and have been every year since 2004. We got back from our latest trip a week ago. For the first time we have decided to skip a year, save our points, and go somewhere else. The parks were very crowded and the new Genie system has noting to offer. Paying extra for “Lightning Lane +” seemed excessive. I think you’re right about damaging the brand — we are pretty loyal WDW people, but we won’t be back until 2024 at the earliest. There are too many other places to go that are truly luxurious and unique for the same amount of money. It’s a shame. The House of Mouse has been such a neat family place for us, but either we or Disney have moved on. Or both.

  7. @Lizbeth – We have family friends who are the same. They even live in Florida now and can’t justify even the discounted Florida resident tickets. Standing in line in not their idea of fun, and they’re members even longer than you.

  8. @Gary

    Ibiza is super low class, it is the young Ryanair crowd going there for drugs & booze.
    It is very similar to Spring break in Panama City FL.

    You probably meant Marbella, which is a very upscale place.

  9. Uchiko is overrated? Please! It’s the best happy hour in Austin. I also like the new sushi bar they added post-covid. Makes showing up at 4:30 without a reservation sometimes possible.

  10. Universal Studio’s stole Disney’s lunch years ago. Before Harry Potter sprung up and prices went crazy Portofino Bay Hotels used to give 4 day passes with quick pass to guests that stay in hotel. That died after Potter went live at US. My kids once they were over 14 lost interest in Disney and preferred Universal or SeaWorld

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