Disturbing: Oakland v. London, a British Airways Rap Battle

British Airways is promoting their new Oakland – London Gatwick flight with.. a rap battle?

To mark the start of our new route to Oakland, San Francisco Bay, we’ve teamed up with YouTube star DJ Dave Wittman, a Berkeley, California, native and social media sensation. Dave’s long-time friend and Londoner, Tom, challenges him to a rap battle, but is he London enough?

I can’t even. I have literally lost my ability to even. I think Oakland residents should be offended, although given that this comes out of the UK Londoners probably should be as well.

“Alice Waters that’s the type of thing you lovin’
Prince Charles and Camilla had a pizza from this oven”

The most shocking thing though to me about the video is that it actually highlight’s BA’s embarrassing business class middle seats.

Have a watch:

There’s no question there have been better aviation music videos. And yet I’m strangely fascinated by this one.

(HT: TravelZork)

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  1. That was wierd! I don’t know whether to laugh or what. I live in the East Bay. Berkeley is not Oakland and the intentional dis to Oakland is just odd. I get it, Oakland has a lot of hood but it also has Jack London square, marinas, the A’s, the Warriors, etc. Whatever marketing company that came up with this add shouldn’t get paid – it was just awful. Lastly, what was with the token black guy next to the white rapper? He didn’t rap just moved a bit (I guess he was there for color – no pun intended) – again just awful.

  2. Thought it was brilliant and cheeky. Added to my music playlist. Have shown to various mates who thought it was brilliant as well. Absolutely love British Airways. They put American Airlines to shame every time I fly them, and I can’t understand why people rag on them all the time for flying the 747 still when it is superior to American Airlines A330-300 which I also flew on the same trip. Food, entertainment, and flight crew are so much better on British Airways.

  3. I thought it was fun. Not as good as his songs “Yoga Girl” or “Whole Foods Parking Lot,” but still a great way to promote the new route.

  4. @Gary — I live in Berkeley. And while the video has NOTHING to do with Oakland whatsoever, it IS a truly bizarre video. I found myself laughing at its both its sense of humor *and* its absurdity; as well as feeling somewhat offended, and — ultimately — it left me just feeling odd about the whole thing.

    It would *almost* (ALMOST) make more — or at least, some — sense if it were aimed at white Londoners saying “Look, you can fly to Oakland from Gatwick and not have to deal with the [black] people in Oakland, you can go to [white] Berkeley.” A good deal more racist when viewed that way, but — JEEZ, the whole thing is just so weird! I understand, Gary, when you write, “I’m strangely fascinated by this one.” It’s a bit like watching a train wreck . . .

    And — yes — the marketing company should be fired . . . we’re talking about it (good); we’re spelling “BA” correctly (good); but what we’re saying isn’t really a positive thing (bad, very BAD).

  5. As a Stanford grad, I enjoy the fact that the guy is wearing Berkeley gear…Stay classy, Cal!

  6. a. berkeley is soooo not Oakland.

    b. only serves to remind me why i will never fly BA’s awful business class again.

    c. the only good in it is the outrage the indoctrination camp (UC Berkeley) will find in a white guy wearing THEIR colours while rapping. retribution will be at hand shortly when the Berkeley mayor deploys his antifa brethren to OAK to torch a BA plane.

  7. Hey, does flying into Gatwick lower the fuel surcharges? If so, then rap about Berkeley all you want. Rap about Emeryville for all I care.

  8. I find this whole thing very similar to the Muslim countries attempt at offering ‘bacon’ in the breakfast spreads at hotels. hehe…..better just not to try.

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