Do You Want Random Strangers Hitting On You At The Airport? [Roundup]

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  1. Anything associated with the airport and they will screw you. Food, rental cars, Uber rides, you name it. Just find a way to get away from and disassociate yourself from the airport and the price goes down. I’ve been doing this for years.

  2. When I lived overseas, getting to the airport was usually an hour, but it was on ordeal to get there. Airport opened at 5 am, first flight was at 7 am. When I was flying back to States. I would arrive at the airport around midnight and basically camp outside the entrance, so I was always the first non local to check in. (locals and foreigners had separate check in counters)

  3. “Saving 75% on Uber by taking the hotel shuttle bus to the Hyatt Regency and getting picked up there instead of the LAX pickup lot (which from some terminals requires a shuttle to reach anyway).”

    Except there’s big signs on the shuttle and in the lobby at the Hyatt Regency that say “Use for hotel guests only…NO UBER/LYFT PICKUPS ALLOWED!”

    Yah, I know…who’s gonna stop them?

  4. The SFO Crowne Plaza has started charging $5 per way for the shuttle, must book in advance. I recently priced a Lyft at $30 to get to the very same hotel from SFO. Dark days…

  5. Wow what incredible advice and insight from an esteemed and expert influencer! Asking someone at an airport bar “do you come here often?” With that incredible display of wit and originality I’m sure anyone can score big that day. Can’t wait to try it.

  6. Some of my best experiences over the years have come after hitting on random strangers. If interested start a conversation. You will know if they aren’t interested- nothing risked, nothing gained.

  7. The LAX Uber tip was posted on FlyerTalk years ago. I discovered it myself in 2019 accidentally when I modified my destination enroute, changing from Sepulveda dropoff to LAX dropoff. That was only a $4 increase, but now Uber’s pricing software has become a financial rapist.

  8. I have found over the years that sitting at the bar in the airline lounge (Sky Club for me mostly) you almost always wind up in some sort of conversation with the person next to you. Sometimes it’s nothing…sometimes it can lead to…something. Ya just never know…

  9. What is your recommendation for airports where they open the check-in line too close to the time of the flight? I had this happen at LIS earlier this summer and people were scrambling to get past exit passport control, begging others to let them go first in line.

    Is it better to get there super early to be at the front of the line even though one may wait for over an hour for checki-in to open?

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