Doctor MacGuyvers Device to Save Child’s Life Onboard Transatlantic Flight

Doctor MacGuyvers a makeshift nebuliser for a sick child onboard an Air Canada flight. And seriously, don’t pack medications in checked luggage, people..

The life saver’s name really is Dr. Guru.

An asthmatic 2 year old had developed a cold and became short of breath. The boy’s oxygen levels dipped “dangerously low.” So the good Dr. Guru sprung into action:

Using the plane’s adult inhaler and a variety of other materials found on board, including a plastic cup and water bottle, Guru constructed a makeshift nebulizer — a machine that allows asthma medication to be inhaled as a mist — that was able to improve the boy’s oxygen level to a healthy percentage.

“I got a water cup and made a hole in the bottle and focused it to his face…told [the parents] to keep it there,” Guru told ABC. “Within about half an hour and two treatments he was sounding much better.”

The doctor tweeted a photo:

(HT: Ron F.)

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  1. Perhaps the parents (and folks in a similar position) might want to invest in an Omron portable battery powered nebulizer. Another item to have handy in the carryon or travel vest are Primatene Tablets which can be hard to find these days. Kudos to the doctor.

  2. The doctor is from Indian Kashmir. Perhaps he did part of his medical training in the mountain villages, for her certainly went to the medical school there. Another Muslim immigrant to the US from a “global
    hotspot”? Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson must be furious.

  3. @GUWonder Carson will tell us that Dr Guru was planning on making a bomb out of those materials before the kid got sick, and that the Hippocratic oath supersedes allegiance to a death cult. So keep all water bottles off planes.

  4. @Taha,

    Dr. Guru should have been arrested for a “hoax bomb” — like that 14-years-old Texan Ahmed kid — as we all know that this was a test (not a dry) run at a bomb attack using liquids.

    All praise the TSA and its foreign supporters for saving us from bottles of water and other harmless liquids on our planes.

  5. Yup, brown dude saves a life, let’s take the opportunity to turn it into your own political soapbox. Shit, this dude is awesome. Let’s not make ourselves look like assholes here. This is a good person doing a good thing.

    And, seriously, Dr. Guru? Is he Trent Steel’s oldest, and therefore best, friend?

  6. It’s always fantastic to see people who can actually apply their knowledge to situations, way to go Dr!

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