Doctor Says Lavatory Waste Fell From the Sky and Gave His Patient Pink Eye

Three years ago residents of a Pennsylvania town thought their homes were being TP’d from the sky with rolls of toilet paper falling from airplane lavatories. The FAA was.. skeptical.

A year and a half ago an Indian court ordered airlines in that country to stop dumping lavatory waste on residents below.

And a Utah woman claimed planes were dumping it in her driveway. She recommended they evacuate the lavatories “in the mountains or somewhere.” In fact they remove waste when they’re on the ground.

Airlines do not intentionally dump lavatory waste inflight. I do not know of any commercial aircraft that gives pilots a control mechanism to do so.

On average once a year there’s a documented instance of ‘blue ice’ — airplane lavatory waste material that leaks from the aircraft. It’s named from the blue disinfectant often used in lavatory waste systems.

Now a British Columbia woman says that her car was inundated with liquid waste from a plane above. Her sunroof was open on May 9th when it began “falling from the sky,”

“I had it on my face, down my shirt, my entire car, and the vehicle beside us were all covered in it.”

Allen’s son Travis Sweet, who was also in the car, said he felt a cold sensation hit the side of his face and shoulder out of nowhere.

It gave her pink eye. Her eye “swelled the size of a golf ball.”

Sound implausible? She has a doctor’s note “which stated she had conjunctivitis because she was ‘inundated with sewage from an overhead plane.'”

She wants the airline to cover costs to clean her car. She wants an apology. And she believes she should receive compensation for her pink eye.

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  1. I remember reading in the “Denver Post” in 1975 (I believe I have the correct year) about a guy in the Denver area watching tv in his living room and frozen block of blue ice crashing through his roof and landing in the middle of the room. He had no idea of what it was until it started to thaw.

  2. I clicked the link, “She has a doctors note” Gary posted above. When I read the comments section of that there is another link with a video story from a tv news show. Apparently 7 people complained about this incident in Kelowna, British Columbia all on the same weekend. A number had pictures of their cars afterwards and the tv news crew found the side of a building covered in “blue ice”

    I actually think this is legit

  3. The only way to be sure is if the people stayed at home and didn’t touch anything. Shoot, any trip to the library or the store could result in pink eye. There’s absolutely no way to prove where you got pink eye…unless someone else in the house has it and is rubbing eyes and then touching stuff. It’s incredibly contagious…any home with kids in it probably already has eyedrops in the house.

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