Does Anyone Know More About This Incident? Passenger Tasered At Dallas Fort-Worth Airport

A passenger appears to have been tasered in the low B gates at Dallas Fort-Worth airport. This was posted Thursday evening, about 15 minutes before I passed by these same gates, but the incident seems like it happened during the day.

Multiple commenters on Facebook report having been there and seen the events, where other passengers piled on to help the officer who tased the man. What I don’t see is anyone who knows more background about the situation, and I haven’t seen news reports about the incident. Did I just miss it?

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  1. Interesting. It appears at first like run of the mill passengers stepped up to help but if you look at about -.23 to -.20 the older black guy in the suit is reholstering his sidearm. Airport security? Air Marshall? Other?

  2. @Jay Arr – thanks! figured it would get some coverage after I’d posted this,

    “Witnesses said the man, who arrived on a flight from Orlando, was smoking at a customer service counter past security. He was asked to put out his cigarette. He complied by dropping it into a cup of water, then witnesses said he poured the water all over their computers.”

  3. Lock Him Up. And ban his worthless a from ever entering an airport again.

    Suppose he’d been able to grab a gun. God knows what could have happened.

  4. I think @Chris has a valid point. If the police would have given him a safe space and a hug this all would have de-escalated on its own.

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