Does The Empty Plane Seat Next To You Belong To You? [Roundup]

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  1. The empty plane seat doesn’t belong to the person sitting next to it, nor to the person who wants to move into it. So they’re even. If the flight attendant is fine with someone taking over an empty seat then I guess it’s squatter’s rights. That woman taking over an entire empty row, seems piggish.

  2. Unfortunately mass seem to defend that woman… Society now is just so broken esp in america

  3. People on tiktok and other social media platforms are such TRASH.
    It shows how STUPID the average american has become.

  4. @Yj

    Women want the responsibility of a man, the protection of a woman and the accountability of a child.

  5. @Chad. It’s not good to speak for all women. What this woman wants is to live out whatever time I have left in peace. Good food and a good book. A nice warm place to go to the bathroom. Why should I want the responsibility of a man? A lot of times some men don’t meet their responsibilities. They don’t work. They don’t take care of their families. They don’t know who their kids are. A woman is supposed to follow a man. It’s hard to follow a parked car. Why shouldn’t women be protected? They are abused enough. If I’m in the wrong I fully expect to be held accountable. The men will also be held accountable. The same as the women.

  6. Gary, the Spice jet was reported (by OMAAT) to be flying 600mph at 37,000 feet. No jet type listed. What type of jet was it please?
    I thought jets didn’t usually fly that high or that fast?

  7. @JorgeGeorge Paez – didn’t look into this detail but would have been a 737 variant, given the airline. They can cruise up to 41,000 feet IIRC, and generally at around 540mph plus of course the effect of wind (I agree, 600 mph seems faster than likely)

  8. The person who wants to take the empty seat next to me is going to leave an empty seat next to somebody else, and people will even do that to make things nicer for their family sitting in their own row of three. I hang a coat and pile stuff up on it and don’t make eye contact to discourage anyone choosing me as the one to bother.

  9. No, it doesn’t belong to me. But, it doesn’t belong to anyone else, either (except maybe the airline). So, if I’m already using it, then i called dibs. And, if i can’t have it, then you can’t either, right? But, fwiw, I’ve absolutely never had anyone try to claim the empty seat next to me, and I’ve had plenty of empty seats next to me.

  10. Yes, that empty seat damn well does beling to me. I bought an extra seat.

    It really ticks me off when people think I should move so their family can take the whole row. Invariably, they are the same people who complain if an overweight person is assigned a seat next to them. I get two seats so I don’t have to have some breeder elbowing me or insulting me the whole flight and I pay for that privilege.

    Sit in your own seat and plan ahead next time.

  11. No. And it sure as f doesn’t belong to the guy who took the empty aisle AND middle seat on my LAX/BOS flight last week without so much as a hello. I waited for him to settle down with two laptops and assorted other wfh materials and then I told him I needed to use the bathroom. Twice. Dude, if you’re planning on working from home then stay home.

  12. Gary – You have no idea why the guy showed the safety card for the 737 MAX during turbulence. Really?

    The two 737 MAX crashes a few years ago. Hello?

  13. If I bought the seat next to me as I have done multiple times, yes that seat next to me belongs to me.

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