Donald Trump Piles on the TSA

TSA lines have become insufferably long. Airlines want you to lobby the government to spend more to relieve their problem.

When TSA does come up with good ideas they get demagogued ruthlessly.

There are plenty of things to criticize TSA for but there’s one thing that might get much of the country behind the beleaguered and ineffective agency…

Donald Trump

His campaign positions do not outline any ideas for the TSA. Meanwhile The Hill juxtaposes President Obama golfing with Donald Trump golfing. The Trump Organization owns seven golf courses They’re the very best golf courses. And they’re worth the most money.

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  1. I’m just trying to figure out how many decades TSA gets to figure out how to run things when they screw up ALL THE TIME. It really does not seem to me to be that complicated an operation, at least the airport security line part.

    By now they should have a good handle on how many people are coming through at any given time of day and time of year and how their staff should be allocated, at least halfway efficiently.

    Real genuine businesses fix problems like this pretty fast, or they are gone.

    Somebody please tell me what I am missing.

  2. Its rather easy. The need for this type of security is false, as with new cockpit doors and the like, simple metal detectors would be enough. But the powers that be, both R and D can’t bring themselves to admit that the fear factory is manufactured. However, the rest of the government actually expects the TSA to DO something, which is next to impossible. Its sort of a catch-22, but the way out is just to abolish the entire concept, and go back to general security.

  3. Ahh projection, what a wonderful substitute for scientific and statistic-based policy….

  4. Just as Trump has never built an apartment/condo most of us could afford to live in, he’s never had to go through the normal security lanes to board a commercial flight. While some of the blame must go to TSA for not being able to staff properly, it’s been the victim of hustlers selling all sorts of “solutions” that only slow the processing down further. Add passengers who are still fumbling around, it’s all a losing proposition. Not to mention a theatrical charade brought about by politicians preying on the fear quotient of Americans. Considering this was a response to the loss of 3K Americans, when 40K each year die from guns (and no action is taken by a hypocritical Congress), it just show how skewed this whole thing is. But The Donald will solve it all. (Just like morning in America brought about the beginning of the end for the middle class by transferring all the newly-created wealth to the 1%.)

  5. DavidB,
    obviously you have no business experience owning a business. If you owned a business and reports of failure at a portion of your business are coming in, you either fix it quick or fire the person with the responsibility over the quagmire. You don’t blame Donald Trump. This may be an orchestrated slowdown because of funding. It is all happening around an upcoming holiday weekend, crazy , it is not. Orchestrated it probably is.

  6. @alan: True, leaked & orchestrated for Memorial Day travel glut.
    @toomanybooks: True, poor execution on TSA’s part results in inadequate improvements because there’s no accountability in government. Govt will go through mountains of paperwork to fire employees who try to improve the system, but will retain employees who sit for decades and play games at their computers. Private industry rewards productivity, but govt rewards employees who stay mum on the problems.
    Govt needs to be FIRED from airport security tasks until they can present a plan to Congress outlining how they can COMPETENTLY provide security. In 15 years they’ve proved only INCOMPETENCY. US citizens are funding all the crappy airport “security” and delays. And we don’t have a choice, because govt tell us we have to pay them, “for our own safety”.
    I would like each of you to name one fed agency that isn’t corrupt and whose employees don’t constantly steal goods or get paid for time they aren’t working.

    Get rid of TSA and start holding ALL GOVT AGENCIES accountable for productivity. I’m not saying cut corners… instead I’m saying stop paying employees who spend all day texting and gaming, and then ordering personal camping gear on govt budgets and taking home all the tech devices to give to their kids, and attending meetings and lunches and casual meet-ups and emails, instead of actually making products or implementing productive plans.

    This is the very same ideal and comcept of World War II Nazi Germeny.
    Constant VIOLATIONS of citizens US Constitutional Rights damands action.
    FIGHT for your Freedoms.
    STOP TSA at all cost.
    TSA are NOT Officer and they need to be stopped.
    Wake up. ABOLISH TSA.

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