Donald Trump’s Plane Got Whacked at New York LaGuardia

Donald Trump used to own a whole airline. He purchased the Eastern Shuttle in 1989 and renamed it the Trump Shuttle. He lost $100 million on the deal, and also lost big in a takeover attempt of American Airlines the same year. The Trump Shuttle is now the American Airlines shuttle.

Trump does still own a Boeing 757 (as well as a Cessna). He acquired the jet in 2011.

During the 2016 Presidential campaign the 757 had to make an emergency landing in Nashville. This week the plane was clipped at New York LaGuardia.

A corporate jet maneuvering into a parking spot clipped the wing of Trump’s parked plane around 8:30 a.m., Trump’s company, The Trump Organization, confirmed. The plane was parked and not in use, it said.

The corporate jet, a twin-engine Bombardier Global Express, had three crew members aboard. It had just completed an 18-minute flight from Islip, on Long Island, and was being guided by ground personnel along a ramp near the general aviation terminal.

By the way here are Ivanka Trump’s upgrade tips for when you’re flying commercial.

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  1. The Trump Shuttle went bankrupt? Including his casino and airline how many other Trump branded companies filed for bankruptcy?

  2. Gary, do all of us a favor and don’t politicize your blogs. It’s so refreshing NOT reading about politics for a change! Let’s find at least in travel blogs a place where opposite parties can find common ground. We are all too sick to read and hear about Trump all the time….

  3. It’s his blog he should do what he want. But since he’s gone political, I NEVER get credit cards through his links

  4. @Gary. Yes, you do. When you show a video that mocks Trump and ridicule Ivanka you play politic. I like your blogs very much, not only for their content, but also because you stay away from politics, so rare in these days. I am just saying to keep it that way.

  5. Wow sad to see how the US is devided… People is stigmatizing politics so much, that you can not even post harmless content? Is this country ruled by a Tyrann nobody should even mention him? With any other president nobody would have complained. If May has a minor accident with her Jaguar, alk brits would talk about it. Sad place the US has become.

  6. I forgot. And since Gery knows the difference between a free country and free society, and… a tyrannie where people expect to be silent when it’s about their Führer (even if odd or funny and not political) , I sign all all the credit cards gery links on.

    It is sad to see how people comment here. Sounds to me like time travel in the early 1930.

  7. What is political about Gary’s post? I thought it was very informative. He only wrote about Trump’s tacky gold leaf plane getting it’s wings clipped at Laguardia airport. He didn’t mention anything bad about Trump or the guilty pleas by many of Trump’s former associates and attorney.

  8. @Liz,

    Feel free to post your requests to Gary. And Gary will certainly continue to do whatever he wants as it’s his blog.

    I have a secret for you, Gary’s financial success will never depend upon whether you read his blog or not.

  9. Any honest person can see the bias in this post. Pretending like this isn’t political is disingenuous at best.

    When you go this route, like you frequently do, I avoid the blog until you cool off, but it’s getting pretty tiresome. It’s not like I can’t find the same exact info from 20 other lemming bloggers.

    PS it’s “President Trump”

  10. Gary, I think you have this backwards. Because President Trump owned a private jet and used to own an airline, no matter how unsuccessfully, he probably knows more about the airline industry than any modern day President or most people in Congress.

  11. @Gary and to all other bloggers who attacked me just because I innocently asked to stay away from politics. I am neither pro or against our president. I was just stating how refreshing it is that there is a place where I don’t hear about Trump or his family. And that is simply because we are intoxicated already by it every time we turn on the news, one way or the other. Be it Fox, CNN, NBC, etc.
    I never stated that I will not continue reading Gary’s blogs or supporting him. The mere fact that many of you felt compelled to trash my comment does not offend me, just saddens me at how divided my beloved country has become. I didn’t mean to insult Gary, his blogs, or other bloggers. It’s unbelievable how an innocent comment is immediately taken out of contest these days.
    Very sad.

  12. “When you show a video that mocks Trump and ridicule Ivanka you play politic.” [sic] ROTFLOL A video of trump that does NOT mock him simply doesn’t exist.

  13. Liz, the nation is at siege and u don’t give a dmn. Well neither does the KKK. I’m glad his plane was his. Good!

  14. LOL Liz. Why are you trying to reason with the ANTIFA crowd like Allen? It is like trying to argue with a 2 year old. If you do not comply, Borg-like, with their anti-American rhetoric, you are to be put down, and hard.

  15. So many delicate snowflakes afraid to read news about DJT’s aging aircraft. Well don’t read newsworthy items if you are too delicate. Problem solved.

  16. Hey lefties, the KKK was mainly Democrats. A former Democratic Speaker of the House was a grand dragon in the KKK.

  17. Liz’ comments were spot on. Every time Gary posts one of his political posts, the comments get mean, petty and so divisive. It’s the Christmas season, for the love of God. Can’t we all just get along and play nicely??

  18. @ Karen. Thank you. I am glad someone else share my views. And with this I am done. I will no longer comment about this. Whoever disagrees with me can go ahead and continue attack me. As someone else put it, it’s like reasoning with a 2 years old…no longer worthy my time.
    I still love you Gary. I can very well agree to disagree. Too bad many other readers can’t. Well, it’s their loss.
    Good bye to ya’ll.

  19. Allen would not answer my question. I am guessing he is anti-Israel.

    Ok, let’s try another question. Allen “What do you think of the people that fly the American Flag at their house?” Betting Allen won’t answer this either.

    Another question, What do you think of Che Guevara? More silence.

    Final question. “Are you anti-police? What do you call them?” Inquiring minds what to know.

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