Donald Trump’s Plane is Illegal

Donald Trump may want to build a wall, and make Mexico pay for it, but the wall won’t keep illegal aircraft out of U.S. airspace. In fact, Trump’s own Cessna has gone illegal.

Over the past several months, Donald J. Trump has crisscrossed the country making dozens of campaign stops in places like Sioux City, Iowa, and Jackson, Miss., often in his sleek Cessna jet. There is just one hitch: The plane’s registration is expired.

Records kept with the Federal Aviation Administration show the aircraft’s registration lapsed on Jan. 31. Laura J. Brown, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration, confirmed that the plane’s registration was not in good standing and said the owner had not renewed it.

Cessna 750 Citation X

Here’s what could happen:

  • “Mr. Trump’s plane could be grounded for days, or even months, while the issue is sorted out.”

  • “In the event of an accident, the company that insures the jet could cite the lapsed registration to decline any claims.”

  • “The F.A.A. could also fine or assess other penalties against the owner, the operator or both…a civil penalty of up to $27,500, a criminal fine of up to $250,000 and imprisonment for up to three years”

Note that this is Trump’s Cessna, not his Boeing 757 that’s referred to as “Trump Force One.” Trump’s 757 made an emergency landing in February.

Instead the 1997 Cessna 750 Citation X is frequently used for campaign events that require the candidate to land at smaller airports, and was flown in the past week to Plattsburgh, Buffalo, and Hartford.

The FAA sent a final notice of impending expiration on December 1, and a notice of expiration on March 1, to the registered agent for the single member LLC (which is, it seems, a pass-through entity for Trump himself rather than a corporation) DJT Operations CX L.L.C.

The expiration letter stated, “The aircraft’s registration and airworthiness certificates no longer support the aircraft’s operation.”

Registration costs $5 for three years.

Trump of course used to own what is now the American Airlines shuttle between New York, Boston, and Washington DC. He lost hundreds of millions of dollars and creditors assigned the operation to the US Airways to run before the airline purchased the full operation. Trump got taken to the cleaners buying it and The Plaza hotel.

His daughter Ivanka, though, can tell you how to score an upgrade.

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  1. Given that he’s missing the registration document, I’m sure he’d prefer you to refer to his plane as an “undocumented avian” rather than an illegal one.

  2. I’ve paid the same fee many times for my Grumman Tiger.
    The FAA allows 90 days to pay the fee, a massive 5 bucks. So it must be paid by April 30th.
    Big deal. Just a huge NON-story. Move along folks. There is nothing here.

  3. Don’t pick on Mr. T 😉
    Hill-LIE-ry can afford her own private jet and make the govt pay for her registration. She promised to make The Rich pay going forward (did she conjure this idea up while sitting in Chelsea’s $10M Manhattan apt?) .

    Just curious,,,, does the Hill and Budda keep in TOUCH with Monica L ?

    Luv ya Gary !!! Keep coming with goodies for your flock ✈️✈️✈️✈️

  4. @Ted

    Hey now, don’t go telling people where Gary gets his info. He’s a thought leader not a thought follower! You’re ruining his brand!!!!

  5. I saw his 757 on the tarmac @ DCA and took some pictures from my plane’s window. I have to say that is a beautiful plane.

  6. He may have forgotten to renew his license, but The Donald can remember the tragedy of 7-11 very well.

  7. Jeez, what a waste of time… can you start to post these on a separate page/tab like FMs “Quick Deals” but maybe name it like “Useless Information” or something?

  8. Your blog is generally good but your hatred of all things Trump is over the top. Please stay away from your political shots couched as aviation stories.

  9. It is quit amazing how much the bloggers love the democrats, It seems there brand would be better off not touching on the political side of things. Not all of us want free handouts.

  10. @Gary

    Gary, I’m hurt. What’s with the passive aggressive thank you? Didn’t you say yourself that you have a thick skin? I’m the stimulus package that VFTW deserves! I’m here to drum up controversy and spur discussion. All that does is generate more clicks! I’m on your side!

  11. $250,000 and 3 years in jail for lapsing registration? Jeez, you get less time for actual crimes, felonies even.

  12. I’m “positive” he renewed the plane’s registration at the nearest 7-11… the day of his speech…

  13. $250,000 and 3 years in jail for lapsing registration. This article is from 2016. Go after him now in 2018 and that’ll settle his Russia worries. He’ll already be in jail.

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