Don’t Inadvertently Lose Global Entry and PreCheck!

I only just signed up for Global Entry in April of last year.

And yet I just had to update my passport number in my Global Entry profile. I almost forgot to do it, so it seemed like — though this will be obvious to some, and too obscure for others — worth sharing.

I’ve loved having Global Entry.

  • Re-entering the U.S. is quick and easy. Not only do I skip the immigration queue (which can be quite long arriving at Washington Dulles around 3pm), but also the customs queue too (it gets really long in Miami, since everyone really is smuggling in drugs).
  • I get TSA PreCheck every time. I used to get it most of the time flying American where my elite status flagged me as unlikely to be a threat. But now I get it all the time flying American, and also other airlines since I add my ‘Known Traveler’ number to my reservations.

It saves time every week. And I got the signup fee rebated with my American Express Platinum card.

You’d think though that a government system designed to track and analyze you well enough to know you aren’t a threat would know when the government issued a new passport to you. You wouldn’t have to tell the government the passport number it just gave you. But you do.

  • You have to log on to GOES (“Global Online Enrollment System”)

  • You created a username and password when applying for Global Entry. Both of those are, fortunately, recoverable.

  • Choose ‘Update Documents’ on the left hand side of the screen. It actually took me quite awhile to figure out that I didn’t want ‘Change Profile’ or ‘Manage Membership’. That’s where you’re able to change your passport details or your drivers license details as-needed.

You need to keep your details up to date. And you’re also going to need to re-apply any time within a year of your Global Entry expiring. So you’ll return to the GOES website. That’s the function ‘Manage Membership’ will be used for. They may or may not make you do an interview again.

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  1. I don’t believe this is accurate. I’ve had Global Entry since 2011 and I renewed my passport in 2013. Never updated my GOES record. I have used both GE and Precheck dozens of times since I got my new passport number, without the slightest issue.

  2. And you had to do this because you got a NEW passport? or something everyone will have to do with what frequency? Thanks!

  3. Thank you for the reminder! I just updated my info at GOES, and plan next to update it in my FF accounts of airlines with upcoming international travel.

  4. I think Mary is correct, I also got a new passport number earlier this year and it never occurred to me change it on GOES, didn’t have a problem entering via Global Entry.

  5. I got a new passport and forgot to update it as well. A customs officer told me that I needed to update my documents.

  6. I was approved in 2010, passport expired Feb 2013 – I went to the office at Logan Airport in Boston to ask what needed to be done, I was directed to the website, and was instructed to do it prior to my next international trip in order to use the terminals when I returned. It takes all of 2 minutes – so it is worthwhile doing regardless – why take a chance with something that is so valuable?

  7. In Chicago, we were told we have to return to enrollment center to do update. Nothing said about doing to online.

  8. Got Global Entry back in 2011 and changed my passport after it expired last year. I was told to go online an update my document exactly like Gary described. Three weeks ago took my wife and both kids for their interview for Global Entry and the officer instructed them to do the same once their passport expires and they get a new one.

  9. Couple of months ago, I was told to go to enrollment center to get it updated, even after I updated my passport number in GOES web site. They swiped my new passport to their system.

  10. I didn’t know to do anything after renewing my passport. When I ran it through the Global Entry kiosk, it couldn’t find me, so I entered my birthdate and name manually. It going me, and away I went. I’ve done that 2 or 3 times, and just changed the info on the website a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully it will recognize my passport next week.

  11. After replacing a lost passport in January, I’ve been to Australia, Europe and the UK this year without entering the new passport number (or even my old 2011 drivers license number) in GOES. But coming back from the UK this month, I had to enter my birthdate and name manually. Thanks for the post, Gary. This explains why it didn’t recognize me last time.

  12. Keep in mind that some of the information “shared” in these comments would be prime material for someone or something which is definitely nefarious. No one has shared individual identifiable information however we do have a bit of a responsibility about the “process”.

    I myself after having read a few of them could picture someone else putting 2 and 2 together. Better to not discuss some of the “ins” and ‘outs” IMnsHO”

  13. When my wife and I interviewed, the agent noticed her passport was up for renewal in 1-2 years. Like some of the other commenters, he said we should return to the office after we have the new passport.

  14. Just updated GOES with my new passport number yesterday. Should I expect any sort of email confirmation, or just figure I’m “good to go”?

  15. I couldn’t get approved for Global Entry, but got pre-check. Im renewing now and wanted to know if I needed to update my information with my KTN account or does that not matter since Pre-check is outside of GOES. Does anyone know?

  16. I also replaced a lost passport. I followed the instructions given by Gary. I logged in the to GOES website and choose “Update Documents” and was brought to the Update Documents page. However, I was unable to make any changes whatsoever. I tried to change the passport number but again I selected the old number, highlighted it but could not make any changes. I tried this on 2 different browsers, Safari and Firefox but couldn’t make any changes.

    Any suggestions?

  17. Just realized there is another update button which I missed. So now ignore my previous post as I was able to complete the update.

  18. I guess I need to go to an Enrollment center as I am unable to update my passport from a UK to U.S after becoming a citizen. Its still asking for my residence card that I no long have when I fly internationally .. Oh the joys .. The system need dragging into the 21st century kicking and screaming no doubt.

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