We Don’t Know When the US Airways MasterCard Will Go Away

This morning MileValue wrote,

In the next few weeks, Barclaycard will stop accepting applications for the US Airways Premier World MasterCard.

I think his advice is wrong on two levels:

  1. I disagree that Barclaycard will stop issuing the US Airways MasterCard ‘in the next few weeks’.

  2. I also disagree that you should sign up for the card that offers 30,000 points after first purchase. I have a link for that offer, too, and it gives me referral credit if you use it. But there’s a better 35,000 mile after first purchase offer, and it comes with a $0 fee the first year — so better on two counts.

A key question will be what is the current duration of the US Airways-Barclays agreement, the wind down could well have the card continue through the end of the Dividend Miles program [likely end Feb/early March 2015].

It is even conceivable (though I’d say less than 50% likely) that the card would continue to the end of its current contract such that – if it lasts that long – there would be both a Barclays and Citi American Airlines card at the same time. There was a Barclays and Bank of America US Airways card at the same time when US Airways and America West merged.

We do not know what the end date of Barclays’ co-brand relationship with US Airways / New American will mean for the end date of accepting applications for the card.

But I am confident in predicting that it will not be ‘the next several weeks’ when applications for the card cease.

Personally I am keeping my US Airways card for now. It just renewed in December, and I received 10,000 bonus miles at renewal. I am putting $25,000 in spend on the card as early in the year as possible so that I’ll receive 10,000 elite qualifying miles. I expect that elite qualifying miles from both US Airways and American will get combined for status in 2015.

After I hit the $25,000 in spend mark it’s an open question what I do. If I come to believe the card will last through the first couple of months of 2015, I’ll likely keep it — I’ll get another 10,000 bonus miles with card renewal, and I’ll likely have an opportunity to earn elite qualifying miles next year. The US Airways card requires less spend and is less expensive than the Citi Executive card that offers 10,000 qualifying miles after $40,000 in spend. I a likely going for that card as well and putting the spend on it to earn qualifying miles and make it easier to hit Executive Platinum status again for 2015.

(Note that cards in this post offer credit to me if you’re approved using my links. The opinions, analyses, and evaluations here are mine. The content is not provided or commissioned by American Express, by Chase, by Citibank, US Bank, Bank of America, Barclays or any other company. They have not reviewed, approved or endorsed what I have to say.)

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  1. When do you think US Airways and American will allow us to combine our points into one program? I have 35,000 miles from the US Airways Mastercard, and I hope to have them converted into AAdvantage miles for a trip I’m working on later this year.

  2. Thanks for calling out MV for his shameless shilling for affiliate dough. I read his post this morning and it left me shaking my head.

  3. I have the US Air personal and was thinking about getting the business next month, are you able to get the 10K EQM from both?

  4. You do a disservice to your readers by linking to MV. When it comes to affiliate cards, he has no shame.

    Any “advice” he gives on the US Airways card should be taken with a grain of salt the size of Texas – he’ll say whatever it takes to get you to click on the 30K offer this minute

    Ironically, if you made this exact post as a comment on his blog, it would probably get censored

  5. Take all blogs for what they do best. MV does a great service with his advice on the intricacies of FF programs. But I agree that the 30k offer should not have been represented as the best one out there. Knowledgeable readers would simply recognize this and move on. If you get all your info from one site (i.e. MV), then shame on you for not doing your due diligence. But now I have a real question for Gary…

    If we sign up within the next week for the USAir card, complete the 1st purchase and the points post prior to the change to Arrival, would we/should we cancel the newly acquired USAir card? Or if we decide to get the USAir card now, are we basically choosing to not get the 40k Arrival bonus?

  6. This is why YOU are the real “World’s Foremost Authority”, MV does not have his readers best interest in mind, you do!!!

  7. The marketing people do not know its going away as I just received a targeted bonus for 15,000 miles if I spend $750 in each of the following months Jan, Feb and Mar.

  8. Fear based tactics isn’t something I would have ever thought MV would do prior to becoming an affiliate. I guess money changes the greedy.

    Don’t post when something is going to be pulled if you have no basis for that other than to drive people to apply using your link ASAP.

  9. This comes straight from the Barclay site:

    If I have both cards (US Airways MasterCard and Citi AAdvantage credit card) can I merge them into one account?

    Unfortunately, no, you cannot merge the two credit card accounts. The two airlines and their respective frequent flyer programs will continue to operate separately into 2015. We will continue to manage your US Airways MasterCard program with no interruption in service. You can continue to use your card as you normally would for all your everyday purchases and still enjoy all the great benefits you’ve come to know.

  10. Are you angry? 🙂

    Pumping the horrible US Air affiliate offer has been a great indicator of the integrity of the bloggers out there.

    If FTU invites MV to speak I may come out of retirement and start to get really really angry LOL.

  11. Milevalue is very knowledgeable but equally selfish. Try to write any critique in his comments section, and you’re guaranteed to be censored. He also goes way overboard with his application links.

    What a shill.

    He’s not even looking out for his readers’ best interest when linking to sub-optimal offers. I read his articles but never, ever click on his advertiser links. I suggest you do the same.

    Props to Gary for looking out for his readers.

  12. What do you mean by this?

    “We do not know what the end date of Barclays’ co-brand relationship with US Airways / New American will mean for the end date of accepting applications for the card.”

    The end date of the relationship between Barclaycard and US Airways / New American will mean the end date of accepting applications for the US Airways card. If accepting applications hasn’t already ended by then.

    If you’ll publicly set an over/under date guess for the end of this card accepting applications, I’d be happy to publicly pick over or under. We can bet lunch at our favorite ethnic restaurant.

  13. Agreed, props to Gary and shame on MV for his continual pimping of lesser offers (which of course give him a commission).

  14. So Scott comes on here and respond with a deflection?

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    Thanks for calling it out Gary.

  15. Hi Scott,

    Can you please change your article to reflect the fact that a 35K offer is available? I’d hate to think that you’re misleading your readers, and I’m sure you feel the same way.

    Also, I just left a similar comment on your blog–hopefully you’ll let it through and show that you don’t censor critical comments!

    Nick @ PFD

  16. I love the MV call out. TBB has been saying this for…I think since he started blogging! I bet he had one hell of a smirk on his face when reading this blog post (as did I). Gary thank you for responsible blogging. I would trust your info over MV any day of the week. Keep up the good work.

  17. @Gary, am I blind? The link in the first post of the FT link for the 35K no fee US Airways card doesn’t work for me. Is there a direct link you can provide?

  18. Thanks, Gary! I’ve had the card before but cancelled it about 6 months ago. Just approved instantly 🙂

  19. If we have had the Us Air card before and canceled it, but now have Us Air card #2, what are the odds of getting card #3 by either canceling card #2 or leaving Card #2 open? I’m also interested in the Arrival card.

  20. Glad to see someone calling out that shill at MV, a no-class, dishonest greed hound. Thank you.

  21. Had a chat with a Barclay’s rep yesterday as I did not want to pay the annual fee on my US Air card due Jan 31,2014. Was asking the rep to cancel card so I don’t pay the annual fee due to the merger steps being implemented but he told me the card would be around till early next year ( Jan/Feb 2015 ) and for me to use it. Maybe they just wanted the fee in their pockets…..lol

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