Don’t Mess Up The New Hyatt Promo By Making This One Simple Mistake

Hyatt revealed their new promotion for the first quarter.

And while the offers are targeted and vary by member, on the whole they seem more lucrative than what Starwood and Marriott are offering. Nothing world-changing, but definitely worth registering for.

Here’s the thing.

You go to the promotion page.

You’re required to enter your Gold Passport number, in order to be presented with the promotion.

But you aren’t registered for it!

Normally when you input your account number and click enter, you’re good to go. But Hyatt has inexplicably programmed an extra step.

You enter your account number, click enter, and then have to enter your account number again (although it should be pre-filled in for you) and hit enter to register!

I’d bet that Hyatt loses a lot of people at this last step, I admit I almost missed it myself. There will be plenty of people that wind up not registering for the promotion because of the way they’ve designed the IT process. Many of those members will assume they’re registered, and wonder where their missing points are.

Don’t get caught up. Remember, this is essentially a double opt-in promotion. Be sure to enter your Gold Passport number twice to register. You want the page to say:

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  1. I tried to do two in a row in Chrome. It wouldn’t “unpopulate” the first person’s account number.

    Changed over to IE for second member, and all worked out.

  2. Looks like they fixed the “pre-filled for you” issue on the second step. I registered just now and my membership number was pre-filled for me.

  3. My offer was 20,000 extra points if I stay 10 paid nights during the qualifying period. It doesn’t seem all that awesome of an offer since it requires 10 nights and then the effective bonus is 2000 points/night. I’ll take it if I earn it. But I won’t go out of my way to book Hyatt

  4. My offer was stay up to 25 nights, earn 65,000 points. I think this is a fantastic promotion. Especially since I was just short of requalifying for Diamond in 2015. Will be moving my Marriott stays as a result despite lack of Diamond benefits early ’15. Marriott only offered 35k under the current promo.

  5. the ‘click bait’ comment, though often the case on BA, isn’t fair in this case (i’m usually the critical one, so this is a role reversal for me).

    i often pay little/no attention to the next page after signing up for promos- usually on to another tab before it even loads. i’m sure i’m not unique, so the post does have value.

  6. Charles (CMK10) do you ever say anything positive? You’re just mad that Gary unfriended you on Facebook for your incessant nastiness.

    I agree with mark, this is a simple mistake that’s easy to make, so this was a great post! And abby is right, this was exactly what the headline advertised – a simple mistake you can make with the Hyatt promotion, and generated just the right amount of attention.

  7. Here’s a bizarre twist. I received the 20 nights for 50,000 offer, but when I then clicked to register, I got the following message:
    This Hyatt Gold Passport account number is not eligible to participate in this promotion.

    Hyatt Diamond for the last 5 years; 35 to 40 nights a year. I’ve contacted my Hyatt Concierge to see if he can make sense of it. If no offer, I’ll spend my first half of the year requalifying for SPG Platinum.

  8. You are now registered to earn 5,000 Hyatt Gold Passport® bonus points after your first five eligible nights at any Hyatt hotel worldwide — and thousands more for every additional five nights, up to 20, during our Stay More Play More promotion. After 20 nights, you’ll earn 50,000 bonus points. Simply stay more from January 15 through April 30, 2015, to play more with the rewards you earn.

  9. Jenny, I will say lots of things positive. Gary is one of the most intelligent bloggers there is and from what I understand, he’s also a nice guy. I love the information he puts out here. However, I hate clickbait. It’s beneath him (especially because of the kind of person he is) and it’s an insult to every reader. So every time I see it on my newsfeed, I will say something because it’s deceptive, low and unworthy of this website and these readers.

    I frankly do not care that he deleted me on Facebook, I’m not 12.

  10. I also got the 20 night/50k offer and was unable to complete the reservation getting: This Hyatt Gold Passport account number is not eligible to participate in this promotion.

  11. My Hyatt Concierge said the reason for that non-eligibility response is that registration doesn’t open until Monday. I’ll try again at that point and let everyone know my result.

  12. Thanks for the heads up. Strange thing happened

    When I put my GP # in, it provided the promotion I was eligible for.

    When I put it in the second time to register – it displayed a message that this GP # was not eligible for the promotion

    Any thoughts?

  13. Needing to click twice seems pretty straightforward to me… on the first page you don’t even know what your offer is yet and the button clearly says “learn more” rather than register. When you click through and see your actual offer, you are then prompted with a “register” button with you number already filled in.

    I have a hard time believing people didn’t wait or look at that second page when you had to wait for it to load in order to even read what your offer was.

  14. My Hyatt promo offer. I did have 10 reservations already on the books for 2015 prior to the offer. Also had 6 stays and 15 nights from the end of Oct – Dec. 26 stays & 39 nights in 2014. Just a point of reference.

    15 Nights + 30,000 Points = 30,000
    20 Nights + 15,000 Points = 45,000
    25 Nights + 20,000 Points = 65,000

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