Don’t Rent Hertz Teslas With Popular Chase Card [Roundup]

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  1. Unfortunately, Anna Kendrick’s on-screen persona doesn’t match her real life one. There have been numerous reports for years, both fellow professionals and civilians, that she is not nice.

    Still, at least she doesn’t have a sex tape at the heart of her fame…

  2. @C_M – I do not know much about her but (1) she starred in Rocket Science, and I have fond memories of high school debate, and (2) she starred in Up In The Air. Pretty sure I’ve never seen her in anything else. I probably would like anyone who starred in both 1 and 2!

  3. Well, judging from the book she wrote she’s a little bit mental but then most actors are. Anyone who is so upfront about sex, especially masturbation is ok in my world. I wish I could remember the catch phrase from the book that she wants to hear if I ever meet her ,(like that’s going to happen!).

  4. What property amenities would the average person expect to be included in a resort fee? Virtually all would include the pool. It’s somewhat difficult to believe that the practice might not have been developed by a Marriott network property. But, I’ve been wrong before.

  5. For Chase an Alfa Romeo is high value/exotic? In Europe it isn’t unheard of getting an Alfa and they are in the same price range than a 3 series, X3,… same goes for Jaguar. Yes there are very expensive ones but “cheap” ones too. They should be in the same category as Audi/BMW/…

  6. The CSP Tesla exclusion makes sense. Repairs are very expensive on Teslas. Great article exploring the different ways people can access lounges.

  7. Gary, please don’t link articles behind paid firewalls. It’d be helpful if you’d cut & paste or summarize in detail. Paid links requiring subscription purchases are just frustrating to your readers & reduce the likelihood people will bother clicking next time.

  8. @RenoJoe read my mind regarding the swimming pool. Which syllable of “amenity” does the hotel owner find confusing?

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