Don’t Wake All of Business Class to Collect Headphones

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  1. I use my own Bose headphones. How many people have sweated into the headphones provided by the airlines. Take a sniff of one. Yuck.

  2. I always bring my own headphones and entertainment so no matter what happens I am prepared for whatever happens.

  3. LH pulls that crap on into flights as well. I use my own and typically toss them into a bin when I sit down. I’ve had FAs dig through bins trying to find mine, not sure why they’re so concerned. I also don’t understand why LH prepares the cabin for landing at 20-30k feet as opposed to 10k feet like other North American carriers. It’s very annoying.

  4. LH has to follow orders or else… ! Don’t forget it’s German, rules apply ! Faster turnaround after landing…FA’s want to leave…

  5. Speaking of headphones, I may be looking for a deal on some noise cancelers soon, hopefully comfy enough to sleep in, any recommendations/deals? I could always wait for black Friday.

  6. Was very annoyed when AA collected their noise-canceling headphones (now B&O) about an hour before landing on a recent flight. Had 15 minutes left in the movie. Extra annoying as this was a 767 with tablets only. Those were collected at the same time so I couldn’t finish the movie with my own earphones.

  7. Delta woke me up 30 minutes into a 10 hour flight asking me if I wanted coffee. I wanted to murder the flight attendant. Of course, I couldn’t fall back asleep

  8. @bhcompy

    There should be a “Don’t wake me for food or Drink hat/mask/sign, especially for those up front. (people like me in the economy aisle will still have to let our fellow poors out.)

  9. KLM worse than LH or AA when serving breakfast on red eyes TWO HOURS before arrival and force-waking everyone up in the Dutch terror manner

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