DOT Investigating 18 Airlines For Illegally Denying Refunds For Cancelled Flights

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  1. “The department said it plans to issue rules on refunds for consumers who are unable to travel due to government restrictions. Existing regulations do not address refund eligibility under special circumstances, such as government-imposed travel restrictions.”

    Will be interested to hear those!

  2. Gary, you buried the lede here.

    The Delta / China story is huge. Delta has been pushing the use of “your face is your boarding passes”. They’re quite aggressive about it.

    Being the privacy type, I offer my physical boarding pass and opt out.

    I can revoke a credit card and get a new one. I can’t get a new face.

    China is building a biometric database. And Delta is helping China do it.

    THIS is why you don’t divulge personal information: once it’s out of your control, it’s gone forever.

  3. Delta’s privacy statement revisions about data sharing with the Chinese is specific to passengers that enter China on Delta. They do not share any other data.
    The fact that they are apparently the first US airline to admit they are doing it clearly raises the question of who else is.

    I suppose there are probably customers that still have not been given a refund and want them but I would doubt there are many – but if there are, they should be immediately given their money back if they haven’t used the credit voucher they were given.

  4. Curious, don’t DL have some sort of connection to CLEAR ?
    Does that mean China gets all that data also?

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