Dr. Oz Saves Man’s Life At The Airport

Late Monday night, just after 11 p.m., Dr. Oz saved a man’s life at Newark airport baggage claim. Both Dr. Oz and the man whose life he saved are 60 years old.

Port Authority Police say officer Jeffrey Croissant was also on the scene and ran to the man.

Officer Croissant said the man had no pulse so he called for back-up and began CPR. That’s when Dr. Oz, who was traveling with his wife and daughter back from Florida, saw the situation and ran to help.

The man reportedly was foaming at the mouth and was bleeding from hitting his head from the fall. Dr. Oz and the authorities present revived the man using a defibrillator.

It turns out the passenger had a heart attack. He was taken from the airport to an area hospital where he was admitted into an intensive care unit. Dr. Oz is in touch with the man’s wife.

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  1. Sadly, there’s an update to the story. He used a homeopathic defibrillator, but it was turned off. The victim died of electrocution.

  2. @CJ, it’s a joke. Dr. Oz while commendable in this instance has a history of peddling pseudoscience on TV. I saw a clip one time where he told a caller who had dandruff to wash her hair with apple cider vinegar.

  3. Agreed CJ….sad how petty finger pointing and ugly comments by know nothings have become so prevalent in America. That or maybe we just don’t have a sense of humor……

  4. I think the second best part of the story that everyone in the comments seems to be overlooking is that there seems to be a real, live person walking around with the title / name “Officer Croissant”.

  5. Dr. Oz is a hack who should have had his medical license revoked years ago.

    That he (commendably) saved someone recently does not atone for his long, documented history of quackery and snake oil hucksterism.

    That is the purpose of my remark.

  6. Then, I suggest you read the Emperor of all Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee. It will give you a broader sense of how medicine works and doesn’t work.

  7. Dan and Mehmet your below the belt comments really show your true personality. You might want to remain on mute for awhile! Finally a positive story out of Newark.

  8. Agreed. What have we come to these days? Instead of thanking and praising the two rescuers, wanna-be jokesters poke them with pointed sticks. Where are all the nice people these days?

  9. Dr Oz placed his hand over the man’s mouth and suffocated him, saying, “This is what you get for coming to Newark!”

  10. The great thing about rubes is that they generally make themselves easy to find. This thread is no exception. Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone.

  11. So many nasty and sick people with their comments. This is a feel good story about saving a man’s life who was having a heart attack. Some doctors will walk right past an event rather than risk financial liability. Thanks for reporting this and all those of you who make snarky comments, you should just keep them to your rotten hearted selves.

  12. Dr. Oz certainly has made quite a career with his tv show and pushing vitamin and lifestyle remedies. They don’t hurt and we all know too well how doctors often overmedicate for things that can be solved with diet and lifestyle changes (type 2 diabetes/high blood pressure).

    Dr. Oz actually did a valve replacement on a relative when he was doing the Oprah show but 1-2 years before he got his show. The relative did get a little perturbed with all remedies he pushed on his show 10 years later. Still, there are a lot of worse people in the medical community who follow their programming. Fauci is one.

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