Dramatic Arrest on Spirit Airlines: Passenger Makes Passionate Plea For Freedom Before Insulting Officers

A Spirit Airlines passenger is being arrested, and she screams that all she cares about is freedom. She wails that the officers are hurting her, and she can’t breath.

Then she complains about her neck, and something about Arizona, as she seems possessed. She points at another passenger dropping epithets.

Finally, she’s about to be walked off of the aircraft. Another passenger observes she “just assaulted an officer.” She insists she didn’t scare anyone, that everyone was already scared because of “Congo and Palestine.” She gets quiet, and says to one of the officers, “I don’t want to go to jail, fatso.”

The only other thing I’m going to say about this woman is that her language is foul enough you’re going to need to keep the sound off unless you’re alone.

@realkingjon Spirit at its finest…. #spiritairlines #fyp ♬ original sound – KingJon

@realkingjon Part 2…#fyp #crazy#spiritairlines #vegas ♬ original sound – KingJon

@realkingjon Last part before we all had to get off the plane so they could arrest her #fyp #spiritairlines #crazy ♬ original sound – KingJon

It’s unclear what flight this was on, or what city pairs were involved, but it was the stereotype of every Spirit Airlines flight ever.

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  1. Who needs The Economist, WSJ, and the NY Times? I can get all the news on Spirit.

  2. Obviously, the woman has mental issues. The voyeurism that goes on in Murikan society is equally disturbing.

    Nice blog. How about another disgusting piece on some senior defecating on themselves. You are a pathetic individual, Leff.

  3. Going to agree with @ K Helldoge here. This was crossing the line, Gary. This is not a “Karen.” This is clearly someone suffering and needing desperate help. Learn to distinguish it please.

  4. Record special moments in your own life. Record events for justice. Lets not record others’ misfortunes for entertainment.

  5. THANK YOU GARY!!!! “I don’t want to go to jail, fatso”.

    I really needed that laugh.

  6. Seriously, this lady should get an Academy Award. She would make a great actor!!

    After her psychotic rant, the calm “I don’t want to go to jail, fatso” is priceless!!

  7. @Conor. Thanks for the cliche of all drama junkies. How was I to even recognize that this was clearly not a Karen but a person suffering from mental illness without watching it? Yes, we watched it. Which is why we formed an opinion.

  8. Virtue-signalers on here are showing their own bias by summarily concluding this lady has MH issues. Sure, she was fired up and charismatic, but her statements were cogent.

    Get more culturally (or athletically) competent if you don’t understand what it means to have a hurt ankle from your nephew crossing you over. I’ll help: a crossover dribble is used in basketball to quickly change direction, which can cause a defender to lose balance enough for the offensive player to “shake them” and advance toward the goal or take an uncontested jump shot. When a defender is shedded in a major way by a crossover dribble, it is colloquially referred to as “breaking their ankle”, as in the most extreme cases a defender can roll/sprain an ankle in this situation. Our hero here is merely explaining that she was defending her nephew in basketball when he crossed her over, thus hurting her ankle. Apparently in Arizona. Everything else she says makes sense, too. So stop with the racist MH gaslighting, culturally incompetent virtue signalers!

  9. This could be another marketing stunt like the “ not real” plane lady tiffany person

  10. Among the first things you learn in Emergency Medicine Residency “Care and Handling of Agitated Altered Mental Status Patients 101” is that anyone who loudly screams “I can’t breathe” over and over again can obviously breathe quite easily.

    Without a proper evaluation, it’s entirely premature and assumptive to diagnose psychiatric issues, could be alcohol intoxicated, drugs, head injury, severe metabolic disorder and/or several other diagnoses.

  11. I hate when loud people disrupt the flight, but I hope this woman can find the help and mental health support she needs, this was genuinely saddening to watch, I couldnt even watch the 2nd and 3rd parts.

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