Drunk Iranian Woman Hacks Sleeping Husband’s Phone, Causes Bali Flight to Divert to India

Two Iranian passengers flying Qatar Airways flight QR962 from Doha to Bali got into an altercation that caused the flight to divert to Chennai, India on Sunday.

The married couple were traveling with their child. The husband fell asleep, and the wife — apparently drunk — used her husband’s finger to unlock his cell phone. She began combing through it and uncovered evidence that suggested he was cheating on her. The altercation escalated to where the woman ‘misbehaved with crew members’ which precipitated the diversion.

The woman, who was a few drinks down by then, reportedly got into a fight with her husband and also misbehaved with crew members who tried to pacify her. With the situation getting out of hand, the pilot decided to divert the plane to Chennai. Once there, the Iranian family โ€” husband, wife and their young child โ€” were offloaded there and the plane resumed its journey to Bali.

Qatar Airways Aircraft at Doha

Chennai is on a virtual straight line between Doha and Bali, about 40% of the way there. Although of course Qatar Airways has to initially fly Northeast through Iranian airspace before turning Southeast towards India and Indonesia due to the current Saudia and UAE-led blockade of Qatar.

The husband, wife, and their child were offloaded in Chennai and flown to Kuala Lumpur and then back to Doha, which was deemed better it seems than having the family wait 18 hours at the airport for the next Qatar flight to Doha.

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  1. @Donald, you’re assuming ALL Iranians are Muslims, and all of those who are Muslims, follow their religious teachings. Most Iranians are very chill when it comes to religion.

  2. I guess this is one good reason to upgrade to the new Apple iPhone X with facial recognition protection.

  3. @Donald. There are hundreds of thousands of minority religion followers in Iran (including Christians and Jews). The fact that they were Iranian does not necessarily mean they were Muslims.

    Furthermore, Iranian Muslims, in general and on average, follow their religion a lot less strictly than many of their counterparts from other countries. I acknowledge this is an extremely broad generalisation, but have you seen an Iranian downing shot after shot? Oh man, they leave me in their dust! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You go girl … and who said Iranian women don’t drink and stand up for their right!

    I just hope she doesn’t get in trouble once she gets back home.

  5. I’ll take nonviolent right wing Christians over violent nut jobs like Credit and his radical idiots who act out their stupid thoughts.

  6. @Sam, religion should not have anything to do with it. Any non-violent right/left-wing group is far better than any violent whatever-wing group. Period.

    But you must also concede that there has to be legal/ethical/social avenues for non-violent groups to have their voices listened to (not just heard), otherwise it would be very easy for some shady character to turn the group into a violent one.

  7. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but Credit knows of what he speaks. Sorry Sam you will have to look for confirmation at the Waffle House.

    I love this story. F this guy and good for her. However, as someone else alluded, unfortunately I hope she doesn’t have a need for either/both of her hands going forward.

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