Drunk Passenger Refused Service Lights Cigarette, Drinks His Own Booze, and Bites Flight Attendant’s Ear

A passenger was arrested upon landing after KLM flight 605 from Amsterdam to San Francisco on Wednesday after fighting with his girlfriend, smoking onboard, and biting a flight attendant’s ear.

Our hero Jonah Cayle Snow got into a fight “after flight attendants asked the allegedly already heavily-inebriated Snow to put out his cigarette and refrain from drinking.”

Flight attendants had to separate the man and his girlfriend. She then “became so disruptive that attendants had to restrain her to prevent injuries to other passengers.”

Then flight attendants smelled smoke and realized that Snow was using the opportunity where it was his girlfriend being monitored to light up. And though he had been cut off from alcohol, it turns out that he was drinking. Because he brought his own booze onboard.

When Snow was told to put out the cigarette he allegedly became aggressive, and two male flight attendants had to restrain him.

He allegedly struggled and fought with the unidentified attendants, including biting one man on the ear.

He was finally subdued and a female flight attendant sat next to him for the duration of the flight to try to keep him calm.

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And I blame the airline: they were identified as being drunk before they even boarded the aircraft. Apparently they got hammered on their Dusseldorf – Amsterdam inbound flight and were only permitted to travel when they promised not to drink any more on the plane. So the airline identified the problem but accepted promises from drunk passengers not to get drunk and somehow we’re surprised by what happened next?

Of course KLM personnel are hardly teatotalers, the airline offers inflight beer on tap.

According to the airline,

“KLM’s number one priority is the safety and security of its passengers and they were not affected by the incident,” the airline said in a statement Friday.

Strangely the safety of their crew goes unmentioned in this statement.

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  1. How the hell do you get drunk on a DUS-AMS flight? You get served nothing for the 35 mins flight. Something does not add up…

  2. Obviously a disgruntled, cry baby Hillary supporter. LOL. who hasn’t accepted that the Great Man will be President and make the USA Great again. Merry Christmas all.

  3. I took a KLM flight years ago, wre the flight crew kept serving drinks to couple of young guys who just got rowdier and more belligerent. Unfortunately, my wife and I were sitting in front of them. I approached the crew about not serving them more, but no they kept right on serving. By this time they had gone overboard and I turned around a pretty succinctly threatened them.
    Than they started vomiting, literally in their shoes. I again approached the crew and told them to move me, which they did to their own crew seats. On landing I awaited these fellows with interest in continuing our conversation, but they were so pathetic, I let it go.
    Over serving is an issue

  4. @Gary – Your view seems to place a lot of responsibility on the airline. While certainly they could have handled this better, I believe the responsibility for outrageous behavior (such as smoking on a plane, or biting a person’s ear) belongs squarely with the person taking part in that behavior. No one else is in any way responsible if I bite someone’s ear, even if we all know the bartender should have cut me off 5 drinks ago.

    The airline’s statement about passenger safety is a little interesting, though perhaps this is the PR team knowing who their audience is.

    Just my $0.02. Have a Merry Christmas, Gary!

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