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  1. Did American Airlines wipe the blood off the dented coffee pot and put it back in service for the next flight. Or, did American Airlines preserve its history and retire this coffee pot to the CR Smith Museum of aviation history in Fort Worth. The bloodstained coffee pot would also allow American Airlines team members to demonstrate how, for passenger safety, they subdue agitated passengers during their VIP tours.

  2. Yea just what America needs. A bunch of power hungry Karen flight attendants deciding what behavior constitutes placement on the “no fly” list.

  3. On the last AA flight FA repeated 6 times on the speaker that the masks have to be put back between the sips when drinking. They are now on a mission to enforce whatever their union would say. I would not be surprised if AA FAs continuing demands of masking coupled with no service. Should I say that their service in F was measurable? If this continues, AA would soon be on my permanent no-fly list.

  4. Jerry, have you ever been on a flight with a non-mask-related security incident? I have. And, the coffee pot incident involved a mentally ill passenger who feigned opening the main door in-flight and also tried to gain entry into the cockpit. You’ll change your tune when it happens to you.

  5. People who try and open the door should be banned. people who don’t wanna wear a mask that has been proven to not work should NOT be banned or added to any lists. If you disagree you are a totalitarian sicko.

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