Easier For Hertz To Send You To Jail Than Produce A 7 Month Old Receipt?

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  1. Koggerj obviously knows the only way that society should be for everyone and passes judgment on the rest, blowing off anyone who is slightly different as crazy. Anyway, the Russia video is clearly a slick parody. Aside from some of the jokes, like plopping a little food down and showing a delivery person on a bicycle, the last line is a dead giveaway. It’s pretty funny too.

  2. @ Gary — May I suggest deletion of koggerj’s hate-filled anti-LQBTQ comment and blocking him from commenting?

  3. @ Gary — Add C_M for his misogyny and Amy Fischer to your blocklist, too, please, for rampant anti-Blackness.

    If you don’t block these deplorable subhumans I’ll be very disappointed in you.

  4. You know what his views are, why do you keep giving him the attention he craves? Some people aren’t worth your keystrokes.

    You know what they say about the loudest protestors… Not always, but often enough…

  5. Why no story about AA leaving people on hold for 10+ hours on Sunday while trying to use SWUs and then telling them “sorry, your SWUs expired” when finally connected to an agent?

  6. If the honeymooners paid with a card, could they contest the charge immediately after leaving the restaurant?

  7. I simply wouldn’t pay. Dare them to throw you in jail. Make a scene. Leave and see if they arrest you (they won’t).

  8. @ C_M says:

    “You know what his views are, why do you keep giving him the attention he craves?”

    Good question – and in some cases that could be an effective approach.

    However there is an argument to challenge such views, especially when they are blatantly racist and /or sexist and /or anti LGBT or otherwise discriminatory:

    1) Unchallenged views are circulated and can become normalised (furthering the cycle of collectively accepted and practiced racism a/ sexism / discrimination and thereby inequality)
    2) Unchallenged views inspire further hatred and violence (creating further victimisation)
    3) Failing to challenge such views makes you indirectly complicit (you did nothing, you looked the other way, you effectively exonerated the perpetrator through your inaction)

    “Some people aren’t worth your keystrokes.”

    Yes – that can be right too – that’s your personal choice

    “You know what they say about the loudest protestors… Not always, but often enough…”

    And here’s the irony in your particular case. You claim it’s best not to give the attention, so you don’t challenge the foul and vile comments.

    BUT then you protest when somebody calls out the blatant racism / sexism / discrimination, directing your personal attacks, not on the author of the rest / sexist / discriminatory posts but the messenger calling them out.

    You thereby support the trash.

    Luckily, we’ve already established that your personal insults have all of the impact of a limp lettuce leaf.

    But you have allied yourself with the baying racist, sexist, foul mob in the process. You gonna be proud to tell your kids about that when they grow up? You gonna go home and tell your partner what a hero you are for protecting online hatred against blacks and women and LGBT?

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