Elite Member Blasts A United Pilot For Not Thanking Customers In The Cabin

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  1. I kinda doubt that story about the 1K customer – unless that flyer was notorious pedophile UA-NYC displaying his usual delusions of importance.

  2. In other news, another Elite member is butthurt. We used to deal with folks like him almost every day. They get upset about the most trivial things.

  3. @Joe I agree with the comment about the mentioned user, there’s nothing that triggers more the lefties than true Patriots like veterans.

  4. When people tell stories of confrontations, especially on the internet, they often change the exact words that they or their adversaries used, to make themselves look a bit more heroic and make their adversaries utterly contemptible and despised.

  5. I get it tho. My husband was career airline. He enjoyed everything about his job including courtesy to his passengers.

  6. COVID must be over if the DYKWIAs are flying again! Can count on one hand the number of times a pilot has thanked pax in first or business. Who cares? As long as the plane lands safely, the pilot has done their job very well!

  7. It’s pretty standard for Delta pilots to thank you for flying, they tend to stand near the door after every flight (I’ve been personally thanked by flight attendants and the pilot on occasion for being a D Diamond).

  8. Yes indeed, I imagine this scenario played out far more in the pilot’s head than it did in real life.

    It’s just a little too “mustachioed villain” to be true. The pilot’s scant posting history appears to display a number of instance of short fuse and less than illustrious behavior.

    There is approximately a 0.00% chance that the story is true, despite what bootlickers want to believe.

  9. The World of Awards. Everyone seems to need to have their back patted to say they have done a good job. When everyone in the Little League has to get a trophy then the purpose of the trophy has become meaningless. When everyone make appraisal of every accomplishments then the appraisals have become meaningless. When an employee gets paid for doing their job that they take do they need to be given appraisal for doing the job that they are supposed to do and for which they were paid for?

  10. SeanNy2, that is so true.

    Look at some of the other stories this guy has told in his short Flyertalk tenure. They all have obvious tells like “He proceeded to curse me and call me all sorts of names” or “he proceeded to offer me all manner of compensation for ..blah blah.” It’s incredibly lazy storytelling to get a rise out of people. That a few travel bloggers are slobbering over it is kinda amazing really.

  11. @Joe – you’re a fcking douche QAnon worshipper with extra tiny hands…other than that just a perfectly normal wanker. Eat a d!ck.

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