Elizabeth Warren’s Big Airport Mess and American’s New 737 MAX Routes

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  1. Immediately pulling out an authentic buffalo leather shammy, she quickly attempted to clean up her mess. Her injunuity never ceases to amaze…

  2. @Pete, you don’t need to be a Trumpee to realize what a sham Warren is. She provides the low hanging fruit for these jokes.

  3. @Pete
    It’s bizarre: they are fawning lapdogs for the biggest shyster in American history but are terrified of a kindly retired professor.

  4. Wait, I thought that liberals believed that the evil CO2 molecule would destroy us all, so why would she then be at an airport? Just another hypocrite liberal. Do as I say, not as I do.

  5. @WR2 Educated, rational people *understand* (not believe) that increasing levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere will drastically change our climate and planet as we know it. We can only hope that it destroys people such as yourself who refuse to work towards a better future, so the rest of us can pass on a better future to our kids.

    And while we’re at it, yes we should reduce and eventually eliminate our usage of fossil fuels for transportation, electricity, and industrial production. I’m working on my part, what about you?

    And speaking of hypocrites, none greater than supporters of the current GOP and the “president”, who have literally made opposing statements on almost every issue they claim to believe in. (Except stealing from all of us to line the pockets of the ulta-rich)

  6. @pete, thought I was out of Jr high and away from “Mean Travelers” These travel readers like Paolo, Chris, Jet A way all need to grow up and stop the name calling. I am sure they do not call names to their Mother so why would they disrespect any other women or person with childish names.

    These children would never clean that up, they would leave it so their own grandma would slip on it and break her him.

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