Emirates Flight Attendant Caught Pouring Used Champagne Back in Bottle

Here’s a video for:

  • Readers who think Emirates has a better first class product than Etihad because of the premium liquor.
  • United, Delta, and American who claim Emirates spends like a drunken sailor on their product, despite inferior angled business class seats on the majority of their long haul fleet.

A passenger catches an Emirates flight attendant taking someone’s glass of champagne that they did not finish and pouring it back into the bottle (update: or, plausibly, a glass that was poured to offer to customers but not given to anyone). Gross.

Via Google Translate:

Accidentally fell into the frame, did not even notice at first … Drain the champagne that was not drunk back into the bottle 😳 Or this is the norm

(HT: cherandrew)

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  1. Oh people
    Coming from a formal FA she was probably trying to measure to make sure every glass was even with champagne. That guy that film her is an idiot.

  2. Thats an illegal video regardless what seems to be in it.
    Police or company permision is required plus the person in thevideo too.
    This is wrong.
    If there is no permission taken then this video must be fabricated or montaged.
    I am not taking sides but I believe in human rights and the right and legal.

  3. No one is blaming the pax for the act
    We are just compassionate people who think he handled his ‘ power’ badly… No compassion, no understanding, no help, just fault.

  4. I should say maybe she doesnt drink much champagne thats why she are not aware of the champagne might be flat after repour back to the bottle, she maybe kind enough not to waste the bottle, but seriously i dunt think it really a big deal. Causally video taking and leave some comment might get her lose her job, i dunt think it is necessary to do like this, THINK BEFORE U POST STUPID!

  5. To be honest, most cabin crew do this.. it is quite normal so, don’t judge her if you do not know anything about the aviation industry. It is just like your employer asking you to save cost too.

  6. A bit of sensationalism here.
    Aircraft still on chocks, Arabic welcome on board tape being played. Unused pax boarding champers recycled, sinful it will be Truly Flat by the time landing drinks are poured if that rite still takes place.
    Pleased to see that the offending video has been removed and the blog remark clarified, (in brackets)

  7. If she was doing it on the ground before push back, it could be something else. Liquids cannot be poured down sinks before the aircraft is moving forward in its on power, just because it can cause burn to the staff working on the ground (outside) If the toilet is occupied it’s a way to get rid of the drinks and stow the glasses so preparations for securing the cabin can start

  8. Exactly..if it’s on the ground, we can’t pour down drains and it’s tacky to pour down toilet!
    Our company says don’t pour down drains on ground. It’s better to put back in bottle then pour down drains after takeoff.

  9. I dont find it unusual…been flying with emirates, they still have the highest standard among airlines.. and every waste they have to return to a small closet..to save space.. so you might even see them returning untouched food in a closet …alcohol is not a problem if poured back..as long as it’s not halfly consumed..
    But be sure they will throw your food after the hour limited for consumption and would give you a new one..( to prevent food poisoning) had this experience when my son was sleeping during meal times.. they offered me a new one.

  10. I’m a 100% sure the previous comments were from E.A employees. That is disgusting what that flight attentandt did.

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