The End of Newark, American Sells Miles Almost As Cheap As American Does, Or You Can Buy Them From Flower Companies and Get the Flowers Free (Bits ‘n Pieces for February 4, 2014)

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  1. Don’t be so dismissive of AA’s ewr-lax….it serves(served) two purposes….

    Great tier point generator for BA….for a price less than JFK business, you could get f tier points. And, sometimes they run the 762 on the route, sold as a two class flight….which provided a nice class arb….same seat, less than 40% of the fare to JFK.

    I only did it three of four times over the past ten years, but I always did it for a reason.

  2. The headline of your post is misleading sir.

    EWR still offers the most non stop destination anywhere, by a single airline, from a single airport. DL would need to merge with AA to equal the same breath, and still lots of gaping holes would be missed.

    Sadly, some of us are still captive to UA for this reason. Non stop vs one stop.

  3. Nice of you to dismiss Newark like that. Some of is don’t like driving 2 hours to not fly united.

  4. when in proximity to EWR just driving more traffic to UA, but UA’s BF trans con product is so dissapointing, better off flying from JFK to SFO and LAX and at least getting their one step up service

  5. “…so who needed Newark anyway?” … A few people do live in the vicinity of EWR and prefer not traveling to LGA or JFK.

  6. Depending on where you’re headed in NYC, EWR can be much more convenient than JFK. Not that anyone flying from EWR cared much about AA’s service, anyway.

  7. Gary, it’s not a matter of US management not liking competition. It’s them not liking unprofitable routes. Why would you fly one flight a day on a route where you have no pricing power when that aircraft could be better utilized on a route that demanded higher fares?

    If that flight were making money, it wouldn’t be going away!

  8. I’ll miss that flight. I don’t go to LAX often, but I have taken it (when it was in a 3-class 767 with J seats sold as coach!). EWR is 20 min from me, JFK is over an hour away at 3 AM, more like 1.5 to 2 or more hours normally.

    I can manage LGA in about an hour most times, but that extra 10 miles makes all the difference.

  9. Always so much hate for poor EWR! I’ve typically found EWR much more convenient than JFK. I can’t really speak for LGA as I haven’t used it much.

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