Enter to Fly on Mitt Romney’s Private Jet

Mitt Romney’s campaign is running a contest to fly on his campaign plane.

It’s a fundraiser, and they send out a link that suggests a minimum donation to the campaign.

But as with such contests, in order to be legal (i.e. in order to not be gambling), there has to be a way to enter for free. So if you want to enter, you can just fill out this short form. Enter by September 25 at 11:59pm Eastern.

The prize is:

  • roundtrip coach flights to and from the campaign plane
  • one hotel night
  • one flight segment on the campaign plane
  • ground transportation

They estimate the value at $2975, and I bet they’ll send out tax forms on it.

Entry is open to US citizens and permianent residents who live in the 50 U.S. states, DC, or Puerto Rico. I have no idea, other than perhaps that they’d have to buy roundtrip airfare to and from the campaign plane, why they exlude Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

This isn’t a political blog (although sometimes I discuss policy as it relates to travel and travel providers), so I have chosen not to include the link to enter that includes a donation. I’m quite confident that anyone wishing to donate to a Presidential candidate can figure out how to do so without the help of this blog. And as regular readers probably know I am not registered with either major political party.

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  1. Go Mitt Go!!!!

    Obama’s too busy jetting around to the country’s best golf courses, apologizing to other nations for their own problems, or vacationing with Moochelle to do anything “presidential”

  2. Wonder if it would be bad to win this and show up with my same sex partner wearing Obama t-shirts? 😉
    (FYI… we are financially republican, but are not voting for either candidate)

  3. Is there any guarantee that Mr Romney will be on the plane for the “one flight segment on the campaign plane”? Could be just going to pick him up after one of his round the state bus tours.

  4. Gary: Is there a chance I can book this and then later change my dates to convert this to a ride on Air Force One?

  5. Gross. Romney would have to make a donation to me in order to get me to fly on a plane with him. Besides, he doesn’t have a 747 like the cool kids, and hopefully he won’t ever get one.

  6. If you enter, I think you should expect to start receiving a LOT of campaign-related email and snail mail. And political mailing lists can be hard to get removed from.

  7. “Small possibility you may have to ride on the roof…”

    I think we may have a comment of the thread already.

  8. Thanks for posting this! Anyone who doesn’t want to enter (or for that matter give the campaign– ANY campaign their email or phone number) sure doesn’t have to. That’s out little system. But wouldn’t have heard of this otherwise, so, thanks!

  9. common sense 101

    campaign plane =/= private jet

    but please dont let facts get in the way, go on now..

  10. oh, I read the title wrong… I thought it said “Enter to win Mitt Romney’s Jet” … got me excited for a second… ;P

  11. oh, I read the title wrong… I thought it said “Enter to win Mitt Romney’s Private Jet” … got me excited for a second… ;P

  12. Man, what a contrast between the candidates:

    Win dinner with Obama vs. win a ride on a jet…gee, I wonder which candidate can be easily characterized as an out-of-touch millionaire?

  13. @Jacob
    The dinners with Obama are with millionaires many times over, and not because of any talent useful in the real world. And I would argue that this isn’t a private jet. It’s a chartered jet, because as far as I know, the media rides along, it’s not like only Romney and his advisors are along for the ride.

    And I did enter, albeit with a donation.

  14. Any word on the bag fee and fuel surcharge on the Mitt Air segment? Will it earn points or is this considered T class? Is Mitt Air part of Star (and Stripes?) alliance? Or do they consider themselves One World?

  15. I’m kind of with the folks who wish you hadn’t posted this. I’ll refrain from making any of the obvious comments (at least, I’ll try VERY HARD to refrain), but I do think Rustin’s comment is interesting — it’s not actually a random drawing, but a chance to get yourself vetted by the campaign. Probably wise on their part, but not what it sounds like — and very unlikely that you’ll be chosen without making a contribution (because the people who enter that way are unlikely to fit the profile of the kind of person they want for the project). Also, no guarantee you meet the candidate.

  16. Thanks for posting this! It’s your blog, you should post whatever you feel like. Both candidates do these kinds of drawings, and I think its great. Newish to your blog and it’s my go to source for learning about how to start flying around the world. Keep it up, and thanks for all the good info.

  17. Mitt Romney is the one of the most inspiring people I have seen on TV and on the news. I would be so grateful as to even shake his hand. He tells me through his speeches what the American government was all founded on; hard working men and women. I truly give mitt all of my prayers, hopes, and best luck to help him in the time of his campaign.
    Mitt is a great inspiration.

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